01 January 2022

Canon News Media | Press Releases 2022

Canon News | Media Press Releases 2022

Listing of Canon News and Media / Press Releases published in 2022 that features on the Canon Camera 2022 website from Canon Australia, Canon Europe, Canon Global, Canon Hong Kong and Canon USA with regard to:

  • Canon Corporate News
  • Canon Corporate Events
  • Canon Sponsorships
  • Canon EOS R3 Mirrorless Press Releases
  • Canon EOS DSLR / EOS M Press Releases
  • Canon Speedlight Flash Press Releases
  • Canon PowerShot Press Releases
  • Canon Photography Competitions
  • Canon EF / RF / EF-S / EF-M lens Press Releases
  • Canon DPP Digital Desktop Professional Updates
  • Canon PIXMA and other printers
  • Canon EOS Firmware Updates
  • Canon EOS Virtual Reality
  • Canon Software Apps
  • Canon Projectors
  • Canon Binoculars 

January 2022
  • Canon Enters The Virtual Reality Platform Software Market View
  • Canon Helps To Usher In A New Collaborative Vision At CES® 2022 View

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