22 March 2022

Canon Officially Launches the New EOS R5 C

Canon Officially Launches the New EOS R5 C
Canon EOS R5 C More Information

HONG KONG, 22nd March 2022 — Canon announces the New EOS R5 C is now available for sale. EOS R5 C is a Full Frame Mirrorless Camera the newest addition to the company’s Cinema EOS System. It is a powerful, hybrid cinema camera which combines the high-resolution photo shooting capabilities of the EOS R5 with the efficient video shooting capabilities of the Cinema EOS. Equipped with a 45-megapixel full-frame CMOS image sensor and 8K 60P non-stop video recording1, it combines superb resolution and video performance. 

Built using the innovative RF mount, the EOS R5 C can be used with a series of high-quality RF lenses from EOS R System. Content creators can also attach the RF 5.2mm f/2.8L Dual Fisheye lens to the EOS R5 C mirrorless camera, allowing users to take full advantage of the camera's 8K movie shooting capabilities to capture 8K 3D 180o VR images2 to create ultra-high-resolution, immersive video. The excellent performance of the EOS R5 C meets the needs of different content creators in both photography and video recording. Ideal for a Wide Variety of Content Producers, Including news photography, stage performances, wedding photography and event photography.

High Resolution and Imaging System with superb image quality

EOS R5 C features the same Canon’s 45-megapixel high resolution, full-frame CMOS sensor, paired with the equally impressive DIGIC X image processor as found in EOS R5. It provides the high-quality still image performance and high performance in the image data processing. Offering photographers’ greater creative freedom in HDR PQ photo shooting, 10-bit HEIF images can be captured with extended dynamic range and color gamut.

EOS R5 C is equipped with 3 basic ISO setting. Benefited from the DIGIC X processor’s arithmetic processing capacity, signal to noise ratio is greatly improved, enabling the capture of incredible high-resolution and rich details.

Supports a variety of recording Format for Creating High-Quality, Delicate Video

The EOS R5 C features a variety of advanced movie recording modes for a more flexible and efficient post-production workflow. The camera records up to 8K 60P 12-bit Cinema RAW Light recording format and supports up to 2.6Gbps recording bit rate. The EOS R5 C also supports 8K (8192x4320) 30P and or 4K (4096x2160) / 120P YCC422 10-bit video recording in MP4 format. In addition, it also supports the higher quality XF-AVC format to shoot 4K (4096x2160) 120P YCC422 10-bit video, which is convenient to create more creative video effects such as slow motion according to the shooting theme. The EOS R5 C adopts a dual card slot design, one is a CFexpress (Type-B) memory card slot that can write/read data at high speed, and the other is an SD (UHS-II support) memory card slot, which supports 8K/4K and Cinema RAW Light/XF-AVC or MP4 simultaneous recording. The EOS R5 C has built-in Canon Log 3 and HDR (HLG / PQ) gamma options, which can accurately retain more image color details in the brighter and darker parts of the screen, which is convenient for post-production color correction and image quality calibration to achieve high dynamics Range video recording.

Excellent Operability and Reliability

The design of the EOS R5 C greatly improves the reliability and durability. The EOS R5 C features a cooling fan built into the body, forcing out the heat from inside, enabling continuous and virtually limitless shooting of high definition 8K 60P1 video. Content creators can capture breath-taking, true-to-life video and realize greater expressive possibilities with the EOS R5 C. In addition, it is constructed with an RF mount, which can be used together with a series of high-quality RF lenses and realizes high-speed transmission of lens information through the RF mount.

As demands for VR content increase, the combination of 8K1 video with Canon’s new RF 5.2mm F2.8L Dual Fisheye Lens, simplifies the production of immersive 8K 3D 180o VR footage2 from set up through to post-production, enhancing content creators’ experience from input to output.

The EOS R5 C is equipped with high-definition 0.5-inch 5.76 million-dot (UXGA) OLED electronic viewfinder that displays bright images and provides extensive shooting information. Shorten the display lag during continuous shooting and near-instant electronic viewfinder/on-screen display switching ensures smoother operation during shooting. In addition, the 3.2-inch 2.1 million-dot multi-angle Clear View II LCD touch monitor allows users to have flexible image composition during production.

Working in combination with the Optical IS in compatible lenses, the camera features electronic image stabilization with coordinated control that mitigates the effects of shaking when shooting hand-held, for smooth footage and sharp imagery.

As well as the flexibility of lenses, it is equipped with a multi-function Shoe for directly connecting and powering accessories. Data communication and power supply can be realized without cables. for example, it can be used in conjunction with an XLR adapter (sold separately) to connect an XLR microphone to meet various shooting needs with different needs of users.

The EOS R5 C has also been fitted with a dedicated Timecode In/Out terminal for integrating into a professional multi-camera solution. It is convenient for time code synchronization during multi-camera shooting and improves the efficiency of post-editing. Furthermore, the EOS R5 C provides a smooth and efficient shooting-to-output experience. It supports RAW output via HDMI for 8K 30P recording with compatible external recorder. Proxy data can also be simultaneously recorded to an SD card in-camera, helping to provide efficient post-production operations.

Network and Connectivity that Meet the Need for Professional Workflow and File Transfer

The EOS R5 C supports the Browser Remote function. It only needs to cooperate with the wireless file transmitter WFT-R103 to perform wireless remote control. Through Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n/ac standard wireless transmission. The camcorder can be remotely operated by computer, tablet computer and smart phone without any software installation within 150 feet distance, which enhances the mobility of shooting. In addition to being used as a remote video recording switch and providing real-time composition display, it can also adjust various parameters such as focus, white balance and gain, bringing unprecedented freedom of production.

Responding to the increasingly mobile working environment, the EOS R5 C also supports the CTM (Content Transfer Mobile) mobile application, which can instantly transfer proxy videos and News metadata to mobile phones via Wi-Fi3 or USB.

Connectivity like built-in 5GHz and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity is also included for the transfer of still images

Offers the Same Exceptional Still-Image Performance as the EOS R5 mirrorless camera

The EOS R5 C also features the EOS R5's advanced autofocus system and ultra-high-speed continuous shooting function for photo shooting, allowing you to easily record excellent still images and capture every critical moment. The high-precision mechanical shutter of EOS R5 C provides up to 500,000 times4 of durability for high-speed continuous shooting. Precise focus and lightning-fast speed are cornerstones of the EOS R5 C, featuring high-speed continuous shooting of up to 12 frames-per-second (fps) in mechanical shutter mode and up to 20 fps in silent electronic shutter mode. This allows users to track and photograph split-second movements of even the most elusive subjects.

Advanced EOS Autofocus Technology

The EOS R5 C features the same "Dual Pixel CMOS AF II" technology as the EOS R5 in still image shooting, providing up to 100% AF coverage5, with up to 1,053 Automatic AF zones. EOS R5 C can perform stable and accurate AF function even under challenging low-light conditions like EV-6.EOS R5 C also features an evolved AF algorithm developed using an expanded scope of application of Deep Learning technology for improved subject recognition and AF tracking. It can recognize the eyes, face and head of people; it can also recognize and detect the eyes, face, body of animals (such as dogs, cats, birds). Moreover, AF Detection precision is also enhanced for tracking subject's large-scale movements.

The new EOS R5 C is now available for sale with suggested retail price of HKD$35,100.

Canon Press Source: Canon Hong Kong

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