01 December 2023

2023 Canon EOS R | Canon PowerShot Camera Rumors

Latest Canon EOS R | Canon PowerShot Camera Online Rumors 2023 / 2024
2023 Canon EOS R | Canon PowerShot Camera Rumors

Canon EOS R8 (Release Date: February 2023) More Information

Canon EOS R / PowerShot Releases and Release Dates 2023 / 2024
We should see some of the following highly anticipated / speculated Canon EOS R / Canon PowerShot Cameras / RF / RF-S Lenses released during 2023 / 2024.

New Canon EOS R bodies, Canon PowerShot cameras and Canon RF / RF-S lenses will be added as the rumors / speculations are made available via various online sources.

Canon Announcement Timelines
As with rumors and speculations there are no definite timelines on upcoming Canon EOS R / Canon PowerShot releases. These listed releases are anticipated releases based on historic timeline correlations / market or media releases of previously introduced Canon EOS R / PowerShot cameras.

Canon Release Dates / Naming Conventions
Any listed Canon EOS R / Powershot camera listed may / may not be released at a later date. Some may even be released with different [detailed] Canon brand naming conversions.

Canon Camera / Lens Specifications 
The speculation and updating of specifications are of speculative / rumor  nature and could change / be updated on a regular basis. No claims are made on this website that any or all specifications are the final product or release specifications. Specifications and rumors will remain non-official speculative 'wish lists' until the official (i.e. Global Canon / Canon USA / Canon Europe / Canon UK) announcements and release dates are officially made available (to the general public).

Canon Press / Media Release Publication Dates (from official Canon sources)
Rumors will be made official as soon as i.e. Canon Global, Canon USA, Canon Europe or Canon UK releases a global and / or regional official Canon Press and / or Media Release.

Expected Canon EOS R / PowerShot Camera Releases 2023 / 2024

Canon EOS R Full Frame / APS-C Body Releases 2023 / 2024

Canon EOS R1
Possible Replacement for the Canon EOS-1 DX Mark III
More Information>>

Canon EOS R5 Mark II
Possible Replacement / Enhancement for the Canon R5
More Information>>

Canon EOS Rs
High Resolution Canon EOS R Full Frame
More Information>>

Canon EOS R8 (Launched 7 Feb 2023)
To fit in above the Full Frame EOS RP
More Information>>

Canon EOS R7 C
To fit in above the current Canon EOS R7
More Information>>

Canon EOS R9
To fit in below the anticipated Canon EOS R8
More Information>>

Canon EOS R50 (Launched Feb 2023)
Canon EOS R APS-C Canon Budget Body below Canon EOS R10
More Information>>

Canon EOS R100 (Launched May 2023)
New Canon EOS R APS-C Canon Budget Body
More Information>>

Canon Powershot Releases 2023 / 2024

Canon Powershot G1 X Mark IV
Replacement for the current Canon Powershot G1 X Mark III
More Information>>

Canon Powershot SX80 HS
Replacement for the current Canon Powershot SX 70HS
More Information>>

Rumored Canon RF / RF-S Lenses 2023 / 2024
More Information>>
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Latest Canon Digital Photo Professional Release / Downloads for Windows / Mac Version 4.17.10

Please Note | New Canon R Camera Disclaimer - Canon Camera News 2023:
Any information / specifications published on rumored, upcoming and anticipated Canon EOS R Mirrorless / Canon RF Lenses / Canon PowerShot camera releases (for) 2023 / 2024 in this post and / or elsewhere on any of the Canon Camera News website's posts / pages are based on anticipated / expected and rumored upcoming publicly available information released of new Canon EOS / Canon RF / Canon RF-S lenses / PowerShot cameras - possibly to be launched during 2023 / 2024 (or beyond). 

E & O.E (Errors and omissions excepted)No media responsibility or ownership is taken or claimed for any Canon Product (proposed or speculative) Release Dates and / or additional information provided by any website we may point readers to. All Canon R camera / RF or RF-S lens rumors will be directed to the original online rumor source. Any enquiries should be directed to the listed website(s) if required. 

2023 Canon EOS R | Canon PowerShot Camera Rumors

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