27 June 2019

Canon Bolsters Security Management Solutions at INTERPOL World 2019

Canon Bolsters Security Management Solutions at INTERPOL World 2019
Canon features smart imaging and analytic technologies to combat rising security issues

SINGAPORE, 27 June 2019 – Canon announced today that it will showcase the Group’s security surveillance portfolio comprising imaging technology, surveillance cameras, and video analytics solutions at the INTERPOL World 2019, which will be held from 2 to 4 July at the Sands Expo® and Convention Centre. Canon will exhibit in the Singapore Pavilion area at booth number D01.

“Security continues to be a key strategic focus among all businesses worldwide, especially as all organizations constantly want to ensure safety. Participating in INTERPOL World 2019 has continued to give Canon the opportunity to explore our future growth potential in developing next-level security solutions that can mitigate issues faced by organizations today. We want to continue being able to share our knowledge and provide all customers with the necessary state-of-the-art tools that can automatically detect, prepare and mitigate rising threats,” said Ms Noriko Gunji, President and CEO, Canon Singapore.

The exhibit will display the range of Canon Group’s innovative imaging technology and applications alongside its latest security & video analytics solutions which can help inform decision-making and strengthen safeguarding efforts among local and international law enforcement agencies, government bodies and IT security professionals in public and private sector organizations.

​​​​​​​The highlights of the Canon exhibition will be split into three main zones:
​​​​​​​Advanced Surveillance: Sensor Technology for Precision Surveillance​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​120-megapixel- CMOS Image Sensor and Camera
​​​​​​Canon’s 120 mega-pixel CMOS image sensor and camera allows users to access functions like surveillance, digital archiving, monitoring at a video resolution that is approximately 60 times higher than HD. Camera footage on this CMOS image sensor and camera captures all pixel progressive reading at 9.4 frames/second as a result of its 28 digital signal output channels.
​​​​​​​120-megapixel Near-Infrared Spectrum CMOS Image Sensor
​​​​​​​Suitable for security, food & beverage and bio-medical professionals, Canon’s 120MP CMOS Image Sensor produces simultaneous imaging of visible and near-infrared spectrums without parallax, through a single sensor. With the sensor’s new RGB-IR color feature, these industries are able to carry out their daily jobs with additional ease; from food inspection to using the CMOS for medical applications such as angiography.
​​​​​​​Lineup of CMOS Image Sensors (35mmFHD, 250-megapixel1, Global Shutter1)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Canon offers a wide-range of digital sensors that have unique specifications to carry out tasks for a broad range of industries. These ranges from security surveillance, digital archiving or monitoring, to capturing raw images for astronomy, machine vision and underwater, to areas in factory automation and ITS.
​​​​​​​ME20F-SH and ME20F-SHN (IP version with a different interface) Ultra High-sensitivity Multipurpose Camera

​​​​​​​The ME20F-SH and ME20F-SHN (IP version) ultra-high-sensitivity multipurpose camera features a 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor and minimum subject illuminance of less than 0.0005 lux, offering high versatility as an urban surveillance solution for environments such as airports, harbours, and for law enforcement activities in the night where high visibility surveillance is imperative for communicating accurate information and detecting threats.
​​​​​​​Analytics Solutions: Intelligent Security & Video Analytics Capabilities
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Visitors will be able to experience and understand how Canon’s offerings can empower customers to improve their existing security measures. Providing a look into how Canon’s technology and applications can fully showcase a clear analysis of different situational factors; providing the detection and monitoring of all activities. Some key solutions proprietary to Canon technology that will be showcased includes the following:
​​​​​​​Facial Recognition​​​​​​​

Canon’s facial recognition software can be used to effectively authenticate users to ensure that they are authorized personnel entering the premise. Being a Canon owned engine and Software Development Kit (SDK), easy integration on your system will be assured. Users can expect quick identification by comparing registered images and API for calculating facial characteristics. The facial recognition has wide-ranging applications in the arena of security and access control.
​​​​​​​Crowd People Counter for Milestone XProtect®​​​​​​​

Suitable for large wide-scale events and locations like train stations and airports which face a constant high flow of human-traffic, this feature compatible with Milestone Video Management Systems (VMS) can help security personnel observe crowd numbers through a single, pre-set camera view of interest. Compared to the traditional methods of tracking crowd numbers, its single camera view can be split into four distinct areas making it simpler for security to access numerical data and monitor crowd numbers at a glance.
​​​​​​​BriefCam is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that provides a clear video analysis of a recorded video in its post-mortem stage. By transforming raw video into intelligence, it extracts objects from video and from there can identify, classify and index this data; making it virtually possible for users to access searchable, actionable and quantifiable video data.
​​​​​​​Mobile Surveillance: Designed for Remote Monitoring
​​​​​​​MM100-WS Compact Multipurpose Module Camera

​​​​​​​Despite weighing a mere 48g and measuring 40 x 40 x 21.6mm, the MM100-WS compact multipurpose module camera is designed with high ISO sensitivity of up to 12800 for movie and 6400 for still image. With a minimum subject illuminance of 1 lux, recording of bright images is possible with just the light source from a single candle. The MM100-WS is also designed to be dust and splash resistant to withstand tough and unpredictable weather conditions.

​​​​​​​The FITT360 SECURITY is a body-worn camera that offers live video streaming via Wi-Fi or LTE. In addition to this, the neck-band camera is also able to record videos from a 360-degree perspective and shoot up to high-definition frames. The FITT360 SECURITY is widely utilised in various field of security and defense.

​​​​​​​More information is available at https://sg.canon.

25 June 2019

New Canon portable projector range

Canon LV-WU360 Portable Projector
Canon LV-WU360 Portable Projector
Canon announces the expansion of its portable projector range, with three new long-life, lamp-based projectors

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 25th June 2019 – Canon Europe today announces the expansion of its range of portable projectors, including three new high-brightness, low-maintenance lamp-based models - the LV-WU360, LV-WX370 and LV-X350. Equipped with an innovative lamp unit, these models have an exceptionally long lifespan for a portable projector and are designed to reduce the total cost of ownership for businesses and schools. Delivering faithful image reproduction at high brightness with enhanced connectivity options, these new projectors achieve powerful optical performance to bring a broad range of content to life.

The Canon LV-WU360, LV-WX370 and LV-X350

Compact, yet powerful

Weighing 3.3kg and under, Canon’s expanded line-up of projectors are highly portable to support the needs of education and sales professionals who regularly need to relocate devices. These lightweight, yet powerful, models produce between 3500 and 3700 lumen brightness for vivid images in any lighting. Employing three LCD panels, the LV-WU360, LV-WX370 and LV-X350 produce rich, true-to-life 10-bit colours and deep blacks to create detailed images and eliminate colour break up. Typically, LCD projectors are susceptible to gridlines, however both the LV-WU360 and LV-WX370 utilise a micro-lens to boost the brightness of the light and make the appearance of gridlines almost invisible.

Additionally, they have a projection range of 30” to 300”, capable of meeting the requirements for small-to-large meeting rooms. Despite the compact size of these devices, they have a range of image adjustment features that simplify set-up and ensure perfect geometry of projected images. With automatic keystone adjustment, users can quickly resolve the keystone effect; while the manual setting delivers four-corner keystone correction, offering even more refined adjustment especially when installed at an angle, or off axis, such as in confined spaces. Both the LV-WX370 and LV-X350 also make use of geometry correction to ensure the image retains its desired shape when projecting onto a concave or convex screen or surface.

Designed for versatility
The LV-WU360, LV-WX370 and LV-X350 all produce a range of resolutions from WUXGA at 1920 x 1200, WXGA at 1280 x 800 and XGA at 1024 x 768, respectively, providing a solution for all budgets and IT infrastructures. The LV-WU360 is Canon’s first portable model delivering WUXGA resolution for sharp images, with crisp text and smooth graphics for an unbeatable visual experience. Offering a broad range of connectivity options from the control terminal, including LAN, two different types of USB, and two HDMI ports, users can show a greater variety of content including presentations, images and video on these models. With the USB ports and helpful user interface, content can be easily projected if the laptop has no video output terminal or from a memory stick without the need for a laptop, for simplified set up. Audio output is now possible directly from the projector, thanks to the 10w speaker which means sound can be played without the need for additional equipment. For even greater portability, all three projectors have a standard, fast and instant cooling function – allowing the device to be instantly powered down and transported to the next location.

Long-life, low maintenance projector
These models are incredibly low maintenance thanks to the robust filter composition and long lamp life of 20,000 hours, affording users the same longevity as laser models at a fraction of the cost. Should replacements or repairs be required, the intuitive design allows for easy access to these elements even when the projector is ceiling mounted. Likewise, the LCD panels are now manufactured from inorganic materials to reduce maintenance requirements. The expanded range also uses a newly designed lamp unit, with an improved driving system to increase the power supply efficiency and reduce energy consumption. For peace of mind, the LV-WU360, LV-WX370 and LV-X350 all come with a three-year return-to-base warranty and a free lamp replacement promotion. This offers up to three free replacement lamps within a three-year period should a fault occur (registration required) to mitigate down time and reduce total cost of ownership1.

Pricing and availability
The Canon LV-WU360, LV-WX370 and LV-X350 are available from August 2019 with the following RSPs:
  • LV-WU360: £820.80/€960.00
  • LV-WX370: £547.20/€640.00
  • LV-X350: £513.00/€600.00

For more information about the LV-WU360, LV-WX370 and LV-X350, please visit

12 June 2019

Canon to operate camera service booths during Rugby World Cup 2019™

Canon to operate camera service booths during Rugby World Cup 2019™, supporting pro photographers aiming to capture decisive moments at all 48 tournament matches
Canon to operate camera service booths during Rugby World Cup 2019™, supporting pro photographers aiming to capture decisive moments at all 48 tournament matches

Canon is an official sponsor of Rugby World Cup 2019.

Through the years, Canon has provided behind-the-scenes support, including camera and lens maintenance and equipment loans, for on-location press and media professionals at sporting events all over the world.

Throughout Rugby World Cup 2019, to be held from 20 September to 2 November, Canon will be operating camera service booths to support pro photographers seeking to capture decisive moments and powerful scenes. 

Canon booths will be available to provide support at each of the twelve match venues hosting a combined 48 matches during the event.

Canon News Source: Global Canon

Canon Releases Nail Sticker Designs for Rugby World Cup 2019™

Canon Releases Nail Sticker Designs for All Twenty Teams Competing In Rugby World Cup 2019™
Canon Releases Nail Sticker Designs for All Twenty Teams Competing In Rugby World Cup 2019™

MELVILLE, NY, June 12, 2019 – Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced its parent company, Canon Inc., an official sponsor of the Rugby World Cup 2019, released nail sticker designs for all 20 teams competing in Rugby World Cup 2019. Accessible through the free Nail Sticker Creator for Canon App1, the designs were created by drawing inspiration from the color schemes of each national team’s kit with plans to release additional designs in July and August for a total of 60. This first round of designs combines each team’s shield with a simple graphic that captures rugby’s fast pace.

Get excited for Rugby World Cup 2019 with your friends!
Currently, users can choose from twenty team designs to wear while watching the match on TV, cheering on the players at their home and of course watching the match live at the stadium. Fans can coordinate their nails with friends to show their support and choose nail stickers from the various team designs to coordinate with their outfits.

Nail Sticker Creator
The Nail Sticker Creator App allows users to easily print nail stickers using compatible Canon inkjet printers—the Canon PIXMA TS9521C, PIXMA TS9520, PIXMA TS8220 and PIXMA TS702 Printers —and dedicated NL-101 “Printable Nail Stickers” paper.

For more information and the full list of product specifications about the Printable Nail Stickers, visit https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/explore/printing-innovations/creative-printing/nail-stickers.

Canon News Source: Canon USA

Canon Releases Nail Sticker Designs for All Twenty Teams Competing In Rugby World Cup 2019™

06 June 2019

Canon UK & Ireland Headquarters moving to Stockley Park, Uxbridge

Canon UK & Ireland Headquarters to Stockley Park, Uxbridge
Canon UK & Ireland Headquarters (HQ) to move from Reigate and co-locate with Canon Europe, Middle East & Africa HQ based in Uxbridge

London, 6 June 2019 – Canon, a leader in imaging solutions, today announced that it will be relocating its UK & Ireland (UK&I) HQ currently based in Woodhatch, Reigate, to Stockley Park, Uxbridge where the company’s EMEA HQ has been based for the past 18 years.

Moves toward Business Process Outsource (BPO) model for some functions

The announcement follows a comprehensive review of the Canon UK&I business, resulting in a decision to address efficiency improvements by proposing an outsourced model (BPO) for selected departments in Finance, Business Operations and Customer Services. The outsourcing will mean that the Canon UK Reigate facility will have significant over capacity for future requirements. Co-locating the Canon UK&I HQ with the Canon EMEA HQ will give the company the opportunity to right size its UK & Ireland operational footprint and facilities to match the size of its workforce.

The BPO model will help the company focus on core business activities (sales & marketing) whilst ensuring a better focus on customer centricity, with operational standardisation and improved technology and processes leading to faster customer response times.

Yusuke Mizoguchi, Managing Director of Canon UK&I commented, “Canon UK&I is one of the most important National Sales Organisation’s (NSO) in the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region and will continue to retain its own identity, with a very clear focus on sales and marketing for the UK&I markets. Given that the EMEA HQ has been based in the UK for many years, it makes strategic sense to seek out opportunities to create a more streamlined operation whilst increasing our overall competitiveness.” He adds, “Having a joint location will enable us to look for opportunities to share resources and run a more efficient organisation which will also create some broader group opportunities for some of our UK employees.”

It is anticipated that the full transition to the Stockley Park premises could take up to 12 months and will be implemented using a carefully planned phased approach to ensure business continuity. The move underscores Canon’s full commitment to the UK as a base for its EMEA Headquarters and to having a strong and ongoing UK & Ireland sales presence.

Canon News Source: Canon Europe

04 June 2019

New Canon XEED compact 4K laser projector

Canon XEED 4K6021Z 4K Laser Projector
Canon XEED 4K6021Z 4K Laser Projector
Canon announces the launch of a new compact 4K laser projector delivering enhanced user experience and connectivity

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 04 June 2019 – Following the development announcement at ISE 2019, Canon Europe today announces the launch of the XEED 4K6021Z - a high brightness, native 4K laser projector, building on the success of the XEED 4K5020Z (which launched in December 2018). Further expanding Canon’s extensive range of 4K solutions, this powerful projector with dual Display Port connectivity supports creative installations and simplifies integration with the existing AV infrastructure. To protect 4K projection investments in the long term, the 4K6021Z employs an economical and low-maintenance design.

XEED 4K6021Z
This lightweight, high-brightness LCOS laser projector delivers an incredible 6,000 lumen colour brightness, ensuring outstanding image reproduction in 4K resolution. Using Canon’s innovative LCOS reflective panel technology, this device achieves a very high aperture ratio with virtually no gaps between pixels to create fine, detailed images free from the ‘lattice effect’, particularly useful for museums, design and creative installations. The XEED 4K6021Z produces rich, true-to-life, 10-bit 4:4:4 colours thanks to the dual Display Port covering the entire sRGB colour space for vivid images, which enhance the viewing experience.

To meet the rising expectations of end users, the 4K6021Z leverages native 4K resolution (4096 x 2160) to deliver sharp images and crisp text, ideal for higher education, design and medical institutions. To guarantee optical excellence, the simple spigot lens fitting is compatible with seven interchangeable Canon lenses, including the recently launched RS-SL07RST 4K standard zoom lens which uses Canon’s precision-built glass for minimal distortion. This new lens offers 1.76x motorised zoom and +/- 73% vertical lens shift for huge flexibility in installation.

The laser light source offers even greater versatlity, making it possible to use the 4K6021Z in any 360-degree of orientation to simplify creative installations in confined or challenging environments. Strengthened with multiple connection options, including two Display Ports, HDMI and support for HDR, the 4K6021Z is compatible with a wide range of digital video and computer sources for even easier integration with the existing AV infrastructure.

In response to growing demands for affordable 4K projection, the 4K6021Z is robust and durable to futureproof 4K investments for the long term. The laser light source offers up to 40,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, while the air filter is easily accessible even when mounted, to minimise downtime and simplify upkeep. Boasting class-leading energy efficiency, both during operation and in standby mode, this device achieves a low total cost of ownership. To ensure customers have peace of mind, this model comes with a 5-year warranty and free next day loan service should a fault occur.

Availability & Prices The XEED 4K6021Z is available from June 2019 with the following RSP £31,000.00/€35,000.00.

For more information about the XEED 4K6021Z, please visit https://www.canon.co.uk/projectors/xeed-4k6021z/

01 June 2019

Canon EOS 6D DSLR Camera

Canon EOS 6D DSLR Camera
The EOS 6D DSLR camera is the ideal tool for unlocking your creative vision. It features a 20.2 Megapixel Full-Frame CMOS sensor, a wide ISO range of 100-25600, expandable to L: 50, H1: 51200, and H2: 102400, for incredible image quality even in low light, and a DIGIC 5+ Image Processor delivers enhanced noise reduction and exceptional processing speed. A new 11-point AF including a high-precision center cross-type AF point with EV -3 sensitivity allows focusing in extreme low-light conditions, and with continuous shooting up to 4.5 fps, you are ready to capture fast action. Full HD video with manual exposure control, multiple frame rates, and the benefits of a Full-Frame sensor provides stunning performance and creative flexibility. (Canon Source: Canon USA)

Canon EOS 6D Links to Professional Reviews View>>

Canon EOS 6D PDF User Guide Downloads

Canon EOS 6D vs Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Canon EOS 6D vs Canon EOS 5D Mark III>>

Canon EOS 6D Brief Specifications

  • 20.2 Megapixel Full-Frame CMOS sensor 
  • ISO 100-25600 (L: 50, H1: 51200, H2: 102400) 
  • DIGIC 5+ Image Processor 
  • 11-point AF system (center cross-type AF point) 
  • EV-3 sensitivity for low-light focussing conditions 
  • iFCL Metering with 63-zone dual-layer metering sensor 
  • Continuous shooting up to 4.5 fps 
  • EOS HD Video with manual exposure control 
  • Built-in Wi-Fi / GPS 
  • 3.0-inch Clear View LCD monitor 
  • HDR and Multiple Exposure modes 
  • Compatible with SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards 
  • LP-E6 Battery

LP-E6 Battery is compatible with EOS 60D / EOS 70D / EOS 7D / EOS 7D Mark II / EOS 5D Mark II / EOS 5D Mark III

Canon EOS 6D DSLR Camera

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