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Canon EOS R7 APS-C Mirrorless Camera

2024 Canon EOS R | Canon PowerShot Camera Rumors
2024 Canon EOS R | Canon PowerShot Camera Rumors
Canon Camera News 2024
Canon Camera News 2024 is a proprietary digital camera / photography news and photography sharing website. Domain owner Vernon Chalmers is a professional photographer, training facilitator and online publisher with a keen interest in Canon digital camera technology and various photography genres. Vernon Chalmers Photography Training on Facebook.

Canon Inc. Press Releases
Relevant press / media releases from Canon are published as original Canon media releases / new Canon product information and / or images. Canon Inc. reserve all rights, including copyright, of all Canon media / press releases. 

The following press release information will be made available as soon as it is released by Canon:
  • Canon EOS Full Frame DSLR camera bodies
  • Canon EOS R Full-Frame Mirrorless cameras
  • Canon EOS R APS-C Mirrorless cameras
  • Canon EOS APS-C DSLR camera bodies 
  • Canon EOS-M APS-C Mirrorless camera bodies
  • Canon EOS Virtual Reality System Information
  • Canon EF / RF / RF-S / EF-S / EF-M lenses
  • Canon and other Photography Competitions
  • Canon PowerShot cameras (G and SX super-zooms) 
  • Canon Speedlite flash equipment 
  • Canon imagePROGRAFPixma  / Selphy / Pixma printers
  • Canon official Android Apps
Non-Official Canon Inc. Website

Canon Camera News Cape Town domain and website is a non-official Canon EOS / EOS R / Canon PowerShot camera information provider website (created and developed since 2013). Canon information published on this website is either directly sourced from Canon press / media releases (and referenced) or is the camera / photographic demonstrations of Vernon Chalmers with privately owned EOS R / EOS Canon Full-Frame / APS-C / Canon PowerShot cameras, Canon RF / RF-S / EF / EF-S lenses, Canon Speedlite flash, Canon PIXMA / Selphy printers and other Canon digital camera / lens accessories. Please contact Vernon Chalmers for any additional information.

Vernon Chalmers is the owner of the well-established Vernon Chalmers Photography Canon camera (EOS / EOSR training and relatively new Woodbridge Island Photography information websites.
Canon Camera / Photography Resources
Vernon Chalmers is an avid reader and accumulator of a range of camera / photography books and other online / offline resources. Visit the Library for reading recommendations and other information. Regular recommendations and reviews are published on:
  • Canon EOS R / EOS APS-C camera bodies (book recommendations / reviews)
  • Canon Powershot camera bodies (book recommendations / reviews)
  • Canon RF / RF-S / EF / EF-S lens YouTube review selections
  • Canon Speedlite flash publications / reviews
  • Canon SELPHY Photo Printers / PIXMA photo paper
  • International Photography Competitions
  • How to Make Money with your Camera / Photography
  • Lighting and flash / lighting accessories and equipment
  • Photography books (exposure / food / macro / landscape / portrait / wildlife)

Canon Camera / Lens / Speedlite User Manuals
Canon PDF User Manuals to provide reference for past and present Canon EOS / EOS R / PowerShot cameras / RF / EF Lenses and EX / EL Speedlite Flash. Instruction / User Manual Section

Latest Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) for Windows | Mac
Latest Free Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) JPG / RAW Photo Editing Suite for Windows / Mac to use with Canon EOS R / EOS cameras and various Canon Powershot cameras. DPP Software Updates

Canon and other Photography Competitions
Listing of the latest Canon and other Photography Awards, Competitions and Contests for various photography genres / categories. International Photography Competitions International Photography Awards, Competitions and Contests Disclaimer

Disclaimer For all Canon Products / Devices / Accessories / Android Apps listed on Canon Camera News

Loading of Canon Android Apps / Canon Software 
This website and its website domain owners assume no responsibility for any errors, faults, bugs or other loss that may occur in or on a Canon product / device when any attempt is made for installing and running any Android App and / or software.  Loading any official / unofficial / 3rd party developed Canon Android App or official / unofficial / 3rd party Canon software on / into any Canon Full Frame and / Canon APS-C / Canon Powershot (or any other Canon digital) camera / or Canon lens and / or any other Canon branded products and accessories listed on this website is done on the Canon camera (or all other Canon products / devices / accessories) owner 's risk. Consult with a registered Canon Service Provider for more information on loading official Canon Android Apps or official Canon Software. 

Canon EOS Shutter | Actuation Count Software Utilities
There is no official Canon application / software utility for determining the shutter count for any Canon EOS DSLR body. For determining Canon EOS DSLR shutter count / shutter actuations it is required to use external apps / software utilities. Please note: All 3rd party software applications / utilities are downloaded on own risk, we do not take any responsibility / liability for any incorrect operation / error messages or dysfunctional application / utilities.  Actuation Count Software Utilities

Canon Product Purchase Recommendations (new or used)
This website and its website domain owners does not make any recommendations to anyone on what Canon camera / Canon lens / Canon printer or Canon Accessories should be purchased new and / or used. The primary objective of this website is to provide useful information to the owners or future owners of Canon cameras / Canon lenses / Canon printers / Canon accessories / Canon devices / official Canon Android Apps.

Canon Product Rumors and Speculation 2024 / 2025
Canon Camera / Canon Lens (or any other Canon product or device) Rumors published on this website already exists in the public domain. Not at any time will there be any (new camera / lens) speculations publish on this website that will differ from speculations that's already published (and available) online from various websites / blogs. All rumors will have a link to the source of such (original) rumor and / or new Canon camera / lens / product / device / app speculation(s). Canon EOS R | Canon PowerShot Camera Rumors

Canon Android Apps
Official Canon Android Apps for Canon cameras and printers listed may not be the latest editions. Please check the Google App / Play Store for updates. We cannot guarantee that listed official Canon Android apps will be compatible with specific Android Smart Phones and / or Canon Cameras / Canon Printers and / or any other Canon device. Official Canon Android Apps

Canon Official Videos
Canon Official YouTube Videos Canon Video Links 2021 - 2023

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How to Make Money with your Camera and Photography View

Nauticam Underwater Housings for Canon EOS R
Underwater Housings for Canon EOS R7 / EOS R6 / EOS R5 C /EOS R5 / EOS R3

Canon EOS R System

Latest Canon EOS R | Canon PowerShot Camera Online Rumors 2024

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