22 May 2022

2022 Canon EOS R | Canon PowerShot Camera Rumors

2022 Canon EOS R Canon PowerShot Camera Rumors
Canon EOS R / PowerShot Releases and Release Dates 2022 / 2023

We should see some of the following highly anticipated / speculated Canon EOS R / Canon PowerShot Cameras / RF Lenses released during 2022 / 2023.

New Canon EOS R bodies, Canon PowerShot cameras and Canon RF / RF-S lenses will be added as the rumors / speculations are made available. 

Canon Announcement Timelines
As with rumors and speculations there are no concrete timelines on upcoming Canon releases. These listed releases are anticipated releases based on historic timeline correlations / market releases of previously introduced Canon EOS / PowerShot cameras.

Canon Release Dates / Naming Conventions
Some of the listed products may be released at a later date. Some may even be released with different [detailed] Canon brand naming conversions. Or not be releases at all.

Canon Camera / Lens Specifications
The speculation and updating of specifications are of dynamic nature and could change / be updated on a regular basis. No claims are made on this website that any or all specifications are the final release specifications. Specifications and rumors will remain non-official speculative 'wish lists' until the official Canon announcements and release dates.

Canon Press / Media Release Dates
Rumors will be made official as soon as i.e. Canon Global, Canon USA, Canon Europe or Canon UK releases a global and / or regional official Canon Press Release.

Expected Canon EOS R / PowerShot Camera Releases 2022 / 2023

Canon EOS R APS-C / Full Frame Releases 2022 / 2023

Canon EOS R7
Possible replacement for Canon EOS 7D Mark II
More Information>>

Canon EOS R10
Possible replacement for the Canon EOS 90D
More Information>>

Canon EOS R1
Possible Replacement for the Canon EOS-1 DX Mark III
More Information>>

Canon EOS Rs
High Resolution Canon EOS R Full Frame
More Information>>

Canon EOS R5 C - Announced on 19 January 2022
True Hybrid, Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera bridges Cinema EOS and EOS Technology
More Information>>

Canon EOS R8
To fit in below the anticipated Canon EOS R7
More Information>>

Canon EOS R9
To fit in below the anticipated Canon EOS R8
More Information>>

Canon Powershot Releases 2022 / 2023

Canon Powershot G1 X Mark IV
Replacement for the current Canon Powershot G1 X Mark III
More Information>>

Canon Powershot SX80 HS
Replacement for the current Canon Powershot SX 70HS
More Information>>

New Canon RF / RF-S Lenses Expected in 2022

New Canon RF-S lenses Rumors & Announcement Updates
Canon Latest Digital Photo Professional Release / Downloads for Windows / Mac Version 4.16.0

Please Note | Disclaimer - Canon Camera News 2022:
Any information / specifications published on upcoming and anticipated Canon EOS R Mirrorless / Canon RF Lenses / Canon PowerShot camera releases (for) 2022 / 2023 posts and / or elsewhere on any of this website's posts / pages are based on anticipated / expected and rumored upcoming publicly available information releases of new Canon EOS / PowerShot cameras - possibly to be launched during 2022 / 2023. No responsibility or ownership is taken or claimed for any Canon Product (proposed or speculative) Release Dates and / or additional information provided by any website we may point readers to.

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