30 January 2019

Canon Financial Results FY 2018

Canon Financial Results 2018
Canon Inc.
FY 2018
Analyst Meeting
Wednesday, January 30, 2019
Toshizo Tanaka
Executive VP & CFO

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Canon FY 2018 RESULTS (Speech Summary)

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Key Message

– Canon FY 2018 Results (Slide 2)

Sales were impacted by further contraction of the interchangeable-lens camera market and lower sales of OLED vacuum deposition equipment due to completion of one cycle of aggressive customer investment. As a result, total sales were down for the period. Conversely, our Office Business Unit achieved revenue growth thanks to continued strong sales of new MFDs and laser printers. Additionally, new businesses such as network cameras and medical continued to grow.

From a profit perspective, we posted an improvement in our gross profit ratio. This reflects growth in medical sales thanks to new products such as ultra-sound systems that have relatively good profitability and an improvement in industrial equipment product mix. This also reflects measures to steadily reduce costs amid the challenging environment where we saw tight supply for electronic components. Moreover, through group-wide efforts to reduce expenses, we achieved our second consecutive year of profit growth.

In the fourth quarter of 2017, we recorded an impairment loss on goodwill of our commercial printing business. Even when this one-off factor is excluded, we were able to keep our operating profit ratio at the same level as the previous year thanks to internal efforts to reduce costs and expenses.

Canon FY 2018 Financial Results – FY 2018 Actual versus FY 2017 Actual (Slide 3)

From 2018, we applied new accounting standards for pensions and service revenue. For easy comparison with 2017, we have excluded the impact of these changes from our results.

On this basis, net sales decreased 3.1 % to 3 trillion 951.9 billion yen, operating profit increased 8.5% to 359.6 billion yen, and net income increased 4.5% to 252.8 billion yen.

Compared with our previous projection, sales were below our plan. This mainly reflects market contraction for cameras and other consumer related items in China, due to economic slowdown caused by US-China trade friction. Despite this, we were able to exceed our projection for operating profit and net income thanks to the reasons referenced above.

Canon FY 2018 Financial Results by Business Unit – FY 2018 Actual versus FY 2017 Actual (Slide 4)

In Office, sales and profit increased thanks to growth in unit sales of new MFDs that make it possible to connect to external cloud services, capturing user needs for operational efficiency. This also reflects growth in unit sales of new competitively priced laser printers, particularly in emerging markets.

As for Imaging System, within cameras, sales of new mirrorless models remained strong. Overall camera sales, however, were impacted by market contraction, particular in the entry-class segment. Sales of inkjet printers were also negatively impacted by market contraction in developed countries. As a result, sales and profit were down for this Business Unit.

As for Medical, by expanding sales of such new products as ultra-sound and CT systems, particularly in non-Japanese markets, we were able to absorb the impact of restrained investment in Japan stemming from revisions to the country’s national healthcare system. From a profit perspective as well, by improving production yield, leveraging Group cooperation, and improving the product mix through the introduction of new products, we achieved sales and profit growth.

As for Industry & Others, sales grew thanks to an increase in sales of lithography equipment that captured expanding demand for semiconductors, mainly for memory used in data centers and in other areas. Additionally, we significantly raised profitability through improved product mix and cost reduction efforts such as those aimed at reducing the lead-time between production and installation.

Key Message – 2019 Projection (Slide 5)

Looking at the global economy, we expect the United States to be the driver of growth worldwide, supported by solid personal consumption. There are, however, many risk factors and growing uncertainty surrounding US-China trade friction, economic slowdown in China and emerging markets, as well as political confusion in Europe surrounding Brexit and other issues.

As for 2019 exchange rate assumptions, taking into account the current situation and this kind of macroeconomic environment, we assumed 105 yen to the U.S. dollar and 125 yen to the euro. This represent a 5 yen appreciation against each currency compared to 2018.

Facing this kind of challenging business environment, re-strengthening profitability is an important issue for us this year. Although we expect revenue to decline due to the impact of yen’s appreciation; for existing businesses, we will actively work to grow sales of promising products such as color MFDs and mirrorless cameras. Additionally, for such new businesses as network cameras and medical, we will continue efforts to expand sales, taking advantage of the favorable business environment. Through these efforts, we aim to maximize the revenue of the entire company.

On the expense side, we will work to thoroughly raise expense efficiency through selection and focus. At the same time, we will make efforts to further enhance profitability by accelerating activities aimed at reducing costs through the implementation of automation and in-house production.

Canon FY 2019 Financial Projection – Full Year (Slide 6)

We will explain our performance, taking into account the new accounting standards that were applied last year.

On this basis, we expect net sales to decline 1.3% to 3.9 trillion yen, operating profit to decline 5.2% to 325.0 billion yen and Net income to decline 5.0% to 240.0 billion yen.

Compared with 2018, we expected sales and profit decline. This reflects a negative impact of 123.7 billion yen on net sales and 51.1 billion yen on operating profit, due to expected appreciation of the yen. However, through measures aimed at reducing costs and comprehensively managing expenses, we will work to limit the exchange rate impact as much as possible.

Canon FY 2019 Financial Projection by Business Unit – Full Year (Slide 7)

As for Office, we expect sales and profit to decline due to the impact of changes in exchange rates. For MFDs, however, we will work to expand unit sales, launching new models that incorporate advanced security features based on last year’s new products that addressed user needs to raise operational efficiency through connectivity with external cloud-based services.

In Imaging System, although we expect sales and profits to decline as a result of the contraction of the entire consumer market, in such growing markets as mirrorless cameras and refillable ink tank printers, we will expand our sales significantly. At the same time, we will work to support profit, accelerating cost reduction activities such as production automation.

In Medical, new products such as ultra-sound and CT systems that were launched up until last year will fully contribute to sales throughout the year. On top of this, we will work to facilitate our aim of significantly expanding sales and profit by enhancing our sales systems outside of Japan, particularly in North America.

As for Industry & Others, although we expect lithography equipment revenue to increase, supported by investment to address demand for image sensors, automobile related devices, we expect overall sales and profit to decline, given our expectation that investment in OLED panels will be restrained this year as well. During this period, however, we will work to improve profitability by further promoting activities to reduce costs in all processes from design and production to installation, ensuring we are prepared for the next period demand is expected to grow.

Canon FY 2019 Operating Profit Analysis – Full Year Comparison against FY 2018 (Slide 8)

The impact of changes in exchange rates is projected to be negative, given our outlook for yen appreciation against both the U.S. dollar and euro.

As for changes in sales volumes, for Medical, we expect the full-fledged contribution of new products and efforts to strengthen our network outside of Japan to lead to sales growth. Additionally, for Office, we will strive to expand sales of new MFDs with enhanced security features.

As for price reduction, which is mainly linked to cameras, for entry-class models, however, we will place more priority on profitability. Through this balanced approach, we will work to limit the overall impact to below last year.

As for cost reduction, taking into account the current placid pricing of raw materials and through the promotion of automation and in-house production, we expect to generate 15.0 billion yen, exceeding that of last year.

For expenses, we will work to raise effectiveness, accelerating selection and focus in areas from develop to production up to sales & marketing.


Office – MFDs (Slide 9)

The overall market realized modest growth thanks to the shift to color devices, particularly in emerging markets, and growing demand for office equipment that contributes to improved operational efficiency. Going forward, we expect the market to remain the same or similar to what we saw in 2018.

In 2018, we significantly expanded unit sales of next-generation color models. This reflects their advantage in terms of cost of ownership, their inclusion of user authentication and print management functions as standard features as well as their enhanced convenience through compatibility with
external cloud services. Additionally, from a regional perspective, in the Asian market, which still has plenty of room to grow, we posted double-digit growth evidencing continued strong performance.

From a profitability perspective, in addition to cost reduction during manufacturing, extending the longevity of replacement parts is one feature of our next-generation color devices that limits service costs incurred by sales companies, contributing to the improved profitability that we achieved.

In 2019, starting from January, we will successively introduce new products that incorporate industry-leading security features, based on the next-generation color models that have been steadily increasing in sales. Amid growing risks of information leaks from IT equipment connected to networks, users are demanding enhanced security even for MFDs. We will work to expand sales, leveraging the advantages of such newly incorporated security features as program tampering protection and unauthorized access detection.

Additionally, amid growing demand for office equipment that contributes to improved operational efficiency, the extent to which we are able to propose solutions that address customer problems through our MFDs—which feature various advanced cloud-based solutions—has become very important from a sales perspective to enter into business discussions. In order to further improve our ability to propose these solutions, we will promote training sessions for sales engineers within our direct sales arm that have a high level of specialized knowledge. Additionally, we will actively assist in the training of our dealers. Through this, we aim to grow sales of models with advanced features even further.

From a profit perspective, the steady increase in MIF of color models we have commercialized so far has led to the stabilization of service revenue. Going forward, we will work to enhance our profitability by expanding sales of mainly next generations color models.

Office – Canon Laser Printers (Slide 10)

Steady sales of color MFPs and emerging market demand are underpinning the market and, from a medium-term perspective, we expect the overall market to remain broadly around the same level.

In 2018, we significantly grew unit sales of competitively priced new models that we have successively launched since the second half of 2017, which have earned high praise from customers for their energy- and space-saving designs. Additionally, sales of consumables have remained steady.

In 2019, however, we expect unit sales to be lower than last year, as initial demand for new products fades. In this situation, we will work to improve product mix, raising the proportion of sales attributable to medium- and high-speed models, where higher print volumes are expected. Additionally, we will work to improve the overall profitability of this business by raising the proportion of sales attributable to genuine consumables, continuing promotional and other actives in cooperation with our OEM partner.

Office – Others (Slide 11)

The digital commercial printing market continues to grow, driven by ongoing demand for high-mix, small-lot printing. Within this trend, we are seeing particularly strong growth in the graphic arts market, which includes the printing of posters and catalogs. We have launched several new products in this market that have earned high praise from customers not only for their high image quality but also for their ability to handle a broad range of media and for their high productivity. This has resulted in continued steady sales.

Additionally, at the end of 2018 we launched the LabelStream 4000 for the package printing market. This market continues to grow at a rate of about 20%, largely thanks to label printing demand. This new product offers such productivity advantages as high print speed. This year, we will commence full-fledged sales and work to ensure this product contributes to sales overall.

From a sales perspective, in Europe, we will also start a full-fledge roll-out of a sales structure that has been successful in growing sales in North America. In response to diversifying customer needs, we will promote further penetration of new products through this type of fine-tuned customer support.

Imaging System – Canon Cameras (Slide 12)

The 2018 interchangeable-lens camera market was impacted by restrained purchasing of advanced-amateur models, prior to the launch of new full-frame mirrorless cameras by each manufacturer, and the further contraction of the DSLR market, mainly due to lower sales of entry-class models. As a result, the overall interchangeable-lens camera market continued to shrink. Even under these conditions, sales of mirrorless cameras—with their lightweight, compact body designs—continued to grow. This reflects improvements in mirrorless camera performance in such areas as autofocus, which is now comparable to that of DSLRs.

Against this backdrop, we are framing this year as one in which we take measure that will stabilize this business in the future. Within this, accelerating the expansion of our mirrorless lineup is a priority.

The key to this is the EOS R, our first full-frame mirrorless model, launched in the second half of last year. Although its contribution to last year’s performance was limited, sales have been strong due to its significantly improved optical performance, which has been highly rated by users. In order to further increase our presence in the mirrorless camera market, this year we will continue to expand our entire mirrorless camera lineup, consecutively launching new R-System products, including lenses. Additionally, we will also promote change in the distribution of internal resources, from development to production as well as sales & marketing.

Additionally, we will work to improve product mix, raising the proportion attributable to full-frame models that have high profitability by enhancing our mirrorless camera lineup and also expanding sales of full-frame models, particularly the EOS R.

We expect the market for camera equipped with full-frame sensors, which offer superlative descriptive performance, to continue growing at a stable rate. The customer base of this market are particular about image expression and pair their cameras with various lenses depending on the images they intend to capture. We will strive to improve total profitability by expanding sales of the full-frame model like the EOS R which will lead to expanded sales of lenses that have high profitability.

Additionally, as part of efforts to reduce costs, we are taking active steps to increase automation. Our camera business is leading all other businesses in this initiative. We are currently expanding this activity to include mirrorless camera and lens production. Going forward, we will expand our automation initiatives not only to other products, but also other processes, adding further momentum to our cost reduction efforts.

Imaging System – Canon Cameras (Slide 13)

Due to the proliferation of smartphones, the number of people capturing images is increasing and this is widening the range of users seeking image capture features as high zoom ratios and video functions. In response, we are broadening our horizon with regard to image capture and will launch models that don’t fall under the typical notion of what a camera is.

We showed several new concept cameras that were well received by young people when exhibited in the United States last year. Going forward, we will work to propose new and interesting way to capture images even for people that are unfamiliar with conventional cameras, through the commercialization these concepts. It will take some time before we see these activities contribute to our performance. We will, however, continue efforts to actively cultivate new users.

Imaging System – Canon Cameras (Slide 14)

For interchangeable-lens cameras, the market in 2018 was down 10% to 10.3 million units. Our sales, were down 9% to 5.04 million units, which is a slower rate of decline than the market and reflects sales growth of our mirrorless cameras, including the EOS M50, a strategic entry class model that was launch in the first half. In 2019, we expect the market to continue to decline, shrinking 7% to 9.6 million units. Despite facing a shrinking DSLR market, we expect our interchangeable-lens camera sales overall to be 4.7 million units as we grow unit sales through new mirrorless cameras, including the ones that were launched last year.

Next, compact cameras. In 2018, the market was down 22% to 10.5 million units. And in 2019, we expect the market to decline at a continuing rate of around 20%, reaching 8.5 million units. We expect our own unit sales to decline in line with the market. From a profitability perspective, however, we expect steady improvement thanks to a higher proportion of sales coming from our G series of premium models. Going forward, we will continue to expand sales mainly for G series cameras.

Imaging System – Canon Inkjet Printers (Slide 15)

In 2018, despite growth in emerging markets from the expansion of refillable ink tank models, the overall market was slightly down due to continued print volume decline in developed economies. In 2019, we expect the trend to be the same.

In 2018, although our unit sales declined overall, we posted significant growth for refillable ink tank models in emerging markets thanks to new products that were launched at the beginning of the year. As for 2019, we aim to grow faster than the market, stepping up already active investment into sales in emerging markets in such areas as further strengthening our sales support activity with mass merchandisers and authorized shops.

Additionally, at the end of 2018, we launched our first inkjet-based MFDs targeting the business market, where we expect even more demand for consumables. The new products not only operate at high speeds of 50 sheets per minute, but also require close to no maintenance, contributing to significant reduction in overall costs for users. We aim to tap new users, targeting medium- to small-size businesses that prioritize high-speed, low-cost high-volume printing.

Canon Medical System (Slide 16)

For the diagnostic imaging equipment market, we expect growth to continue at a stable rate of around 3%, thanks to an increasing need for advanced medical care in Western countries and the improvement of medical infrastructure development in emerging markets.

For core diagnostic imaging systems, we have been working to revamp our product lineup, introducing new products over a period of several years. Sales of new ultra-sound diagnostic systems were strong, particularly in 2018. The addition of new compact and light-weight products that inherit the ultra-high-definition technology of premium models also contributed significantly to sales. As for overall sales, although in the Japan market we were affected by the postponement of investment due to revisions to the nation’s public health insurance program, overall sales grew thanks to expanded sales in other markets.

In 2019, we will strive for significant growth, driven by new products.

As of the end of 2018, we have received authorization to market our strong selling new products in all regions, and this year will be one in which we will realize a full-year contribution to sales. Furthermore, starting in January, we will work to secure new demand by launching competitively priced CT systems for emerging markets that also offer high image quality.

Additionally, we will work to realize market exceeding growth, further accelerating sales through the enhancement of our sales structure, expanding our sales force, particularly in North America and promoting the establishment of local agencies in South America.

From a profitability perspective, we will redouble our effort to realize group synergy. For example, vender selection and price negotiation are being conducted in collaboration with Canon’s procurement arm for parts needed for the in-house production of key units used in CT systems. Through this, we are working to reduce the total cost of key units. For MRI, in addition to efforts to realize reductions in MRI noise, we are utilizing our 3D simulation technology from the design phase in an effort to realize prototype-less development and improve development efficiency.

Industry & Others (Slide 17)

In 2018, against the backdrop of growing demand for semiconductors used in data centers and other areas, capital spending, particular that of memory manufacturers, remained at a high level. Under this situation, we significantly grew unit sales of semiconductor lithography equipment. This was thanks to the stellar reputation we have earned from the market for our customer support capabilities and the high level of productivity of our equipment. Additionally, we raised our market share for FPD lithography equipment, particularly for small and medium-size panels, leveraging our high-resolution technology. As a result, we achieved revenue growth for lithography equipment overall.

In 2019, we expect the overall semiconductor market to shrink, reflecting an impact from slowdown in investment due to decline in memory prices. Within this projection, however, we expect continued growth in image sensors and devices for automobiles. For these types of semiconductors, customer requests for customization are wide and varied. In response, we are strengthening our customer support by offering equipment that can handle various substrate sizes. Through this, we aim to raise our market share further.

Additionally, for FPD lithography equipment, although investment into small- and medium-size panels is in a phase of adjustment due to sluggish smartphone sales, for large-size panels, we expect demand to grow for high-resolution panels used in such products as TVs. We will leverage the strength of our proprietary single-shot lithography system, which makes it possible to produce panels without seams, to capture this kind of demand for higher definition.

In 2019, we expect demand for OLED vacuum deposition equipment to remain in an adjustment phase due to smartphone market slowdown. From a medium- to long-term perspective, however, we expect the steady shift from LCD to OLED panels for smartphones and TVs to continue. Against this backdrop, we frame this year as the one we will work to strengthen our internal constitution, further advancing development of high-resolution technologies in preparation for future periods of market expansion. Additionally, we will work to improve profitability through continuing efforts aimed at reducing costs, such as switching from custom to general-purpose parts, which is a relatively easy way to reduce costs, and also by promoting the standardization of manufacturing processes.

Next, network cameras. In 2018, we once again achieved double-digit sales growth. Although the continued market growth is mainly driven by surveillance, we are seeing expansion into other areas, such as marketing. The fact that we have a broad lineup of camera hardware, video management software, and analytic applications, give us an advantage in responding to diversifying market needs. This year as well, we will work to expand our capabilities in these three areas. Additionally, we will strive to maintain high growth with a full-fledge contribution from cloud services that enables centralized management of images at a low cost.


Inventory Situation (Slide 18)

Inventory turnover at the end of December was 56 days, 7 days longer than it was at the end of last year.

As for cameras within Imaging System, although we worked to optimize inventory by end of the year, we were impacted by market contraction, particularly in China, and as a result, we did not achieve our sales projection. Consequently, camera inventory at the end of the year was higher in both value and turnover in days. The inventory of Industry & Others also increased. This mainly reflects preparation for sales in 2019 of network cameras, a business in which we continue to post strong revenue growth.

We will continue efforts to optimize inventory, with a focus on our camera business. We will also work to promptly respond to changes, paying close attention to future market and customer movement.

Cash Flow – Full Year (Slide 19)

At the end of 2018, cash-on-hand was 520.6 billion yen or 1.6 months of sales. This reflect the increase in inventory, in particular camera, and the repayment of debt. Having said that, we are still maintaining an adequate liquidity level.

In 2019, we will continue investment aimed at expanding new businesses as well as our focus to repay debt. At the same time, we will continue comprehensive cash flow management and will limit capital expenditures to within the range of depreciation.


This year is the fourth in our five-year plan – Phase V of the Excellent Global Corporation Plan. In order to accelerate the “Grand Strategic Transformation,” envisioned in the plan, we will strive to thoroughly strengthen existing businesses and further expand new ones. At the same time, we will promote reinforcement of the Group’s profitability.

Canon Financial Results 2018 Speech Summary Information Disclaimer
This document contains forward-looking statements with respect to future results, performance and achievements that are subject to risk and uncertainties and reflect management’s views and assumptions formed by available information. All statements other than statements of historical fact are statements that could be considered forward-looking statements. When used in this document, words such as “anticipate,” “believe,” “estimate,” “expect,” “intend,” “may,” “plan,” “project” or “should” and similar expressions, as they relate to Canon, are intended to identify forward-looking statements. Many factors could cause the actual results, performance or achievements of Canon to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements that may be expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements, including, among others, changes in general economic and business conditions, changes in currency exchange rates and interest rates, introduction of competing products by other companies, lack of acceptance of new products or services by Canon’s targeted customers, inability to meet efficiency and cost reduction objectives, changes in business strategy and various other factors, both referenced and not referenced in this presentation. A detailed description of these and other risk factors is included in Canon’s annual report on Form 20-F, which is on file with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Should one or more of these risks or uncertainties materialize, or should underlying assumptions prove incorrect, actual results may vary materially from those described herein. Canon does not intend or assume any obligation to update these forward-looking statements.

Canon Financial Results 2018 Source: Canon Global

25 January 2019

Canon Celebrates Filmmakers As Sponsor of 2019 Sundance Film Festival

 Lights, Camera, Action: Canon U.S.A. Celebrates Filmmakers As A Sponsor Of The 2019 Sundance Film Festival Lights, Camera, Action: Canon U.S.A. Celebrates Filmmakers As A Sponsor Of The 2019 Sundance Film Festival

MELVILLE, NY, January 25, 2019 – Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, returns as a Sustaining Sponsor to the 2019 Sundance Film Festival (January 24 - February 3) in Park City, Salt Lake City, and Sundance, Utah. Canon will celebrate filmmakers with programming at the Canon Creative Studio, located at 592 Main Street.

At least 61 of the 241 films and projects that will screen as part of this year’s slate – over 25% percent -- are shot using Canon equipment. Festival projects filmed using Canon cinema cameras include Paddleton, Tigerland, This Is Personal, Ask Dr. Ruth, Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins, American Factory, Hail Satan?, Lorena, The Great Hack and others.

“The Sundance Film Festival is home to bold filmmaking, driven by filmmakers who push the boundaries of technology to better the art form,” said Kazuto Ogawa, president and COO, Canon U.S.A. “We take great pride in celebrating the incredible talent behind the lens, and leave Park City every year inspired and honored that so many select our products when forging new expressions in visual storytelling.”

Canon will host Sundance Film Festival attendees for hands-on, interactive displays of Canon equipment, panel discussions curated by American Cinematographer, and refreshments at the Canon Creative Studio (592 Main St; Open Friday, January 25th - Monday, January 28th, from 11am-7pm). Inside the studio, guests can touch-and-try the latest Canon gear, including the EOS C700 FF cinema camera, CN-E 20mm lens, and the new EOS R, which is Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless camera. Also on hand will be the EOS C200 Cinema Camera, which features Canon’s innovative Cinema RAW Light 4K technology as well as Canon’s CINE-SERVO, COMPACT-SERVO, EF and RF lenses.

Guests can have their headshots taken by professional photographer Michael Ori, who will be shooting with the EOS R. Canon will provide guests with an 8” x 10” copy of their portrait, printed on-site with the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 Professional Inkjet Printer. All portraits will be available online at orimedia.com/sundance after February 15, 2019.

On Sunday, January 27th, Canon will toast creativity behind the lens at the seventh annual invite-only Raise Your Glass with Canon cocktail party.

The Canon Creative Studio will feature three nights of Magic Hours, co-hosted by the AFI Conservatory (January 25th), Francis Ford Coppola Winery (January 26th), and Adorama (January 28th). Each event presents opportunities to network with companies and organizations that share Canon’s mission to support filmmaking.

Canon will also continue its partnership with American Cinematographer, the world’s leading publication dedicated to motion imaging and the art and craft of professional cinematography. The monthly international journal published by the American Society of Cinematographers marks its centennial this year and Canon will honor its history and industry expertise with several on the ground partnerships. The magazine’s editors will be on-site at the festival and several of its contributors will moderate a series of six in-depth panel discussions at the Canon Creative Studio. The panels will be streamed through Facebook Live via American Cinematographer’s page, allowing viewers the opportunity to engage with the panelists. American Cinematographer’s website, ascmag.com, will also feature a series of online interviews with Sundance cinematographers, along with additional articles exploring cinematography trends at the festival, all sponsored by Canon.

On Wednesday, January 30th at 3:00 pm MT, Canon will present a panel titled “Demystifying the Technical Process: Where Art Meets Technology,” featuring experienced filmmakers and Canon U.S.A. representatives. During the discussion, panel participants will share how Directors of Photography and directors can best collaborate to craft the visual aesthetic of a film. They will speak to their experiences on recent films to lend real-world context to their insights. The panel will take place at The Box at The Ray, 1768 Park Ave., Lower Level.

For a full schedule of events for Canon's activities at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival and to request access to attend, please visit canonatsundance19.splashthat.com.

To find out more about Canon’s Festival activities, please visit our Sundance website or follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Vimeo. Join the conversation with #CanonCreativeStudio.

Canon News Source: Canon USA

24 January 2019

Canon Honored in “World’s Most Admired Companies” 2019 Listing

Renowned for Its Reputation: Canon Honored as One of World’s Most Admired Companies for 2019 by FORTUNE Magazin
Renowned for Its Reputation: Canon Honored as One of World’s Most Admired Companies for 2019 by FORTUNE Magazine

Agility and Ability to Adapt in Disruptive Times Help Company to Thrive

MELVILLE, NY, January 24, 2019 – In challenging times, it is a company’s ability to lean in to transformation, to rely on innovation as more than an ideology but a practice, that breeds success. Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced that Canon Inc., its parent company, received the #4 Industry Ranking in the computers category on FORTUNE Magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” 2019 list.

“It is a gift to witness a company so steadily transform and, in doing so, evolve as Canon does on a continual basis through hard work, innovation, dedication to its customers, and the employment of a team of talented professionals,” says Christine Sedlacek, senior director and general manager, corporate communications, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “This listing is a true testament to our company’s futuristic approach. We pride ourselves on developing next-generation technology, while staying committed to our strong philosophy of corporate social responsibility, to empower today’s generation of visionaries.”

To determine the list ranking, executive directors and analysts rate companies according to nine criteria: financial soundness, long-term investment value, people management, social responsibility, use of corporate assets, quality of management, quality of products/services, innovation, and global competitiveness.

For more information on Canon U.S.A., Inc., please visit www.usa.canon.com.

Canon News Source: Canon USA

15 January 2019

Canon Empowers the Future as a Top U.S. Patent Recipient and Innovative Leader

Canon Empowers the Future as a Top U.S. Patent Recipient and Innovative Leader
Canon Empowers the Future as a Top U.S. Patent Recipient and Innovative Leader

Company Also Rises to Secure Second Place in New Ultimate Patent Ownership Analysis

MELVILLE, NY, January 15, 2019 – Ranking third in the number of U.S. patents awarded in 2018, Canon Inc., the parent company to Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, proves it continues to empower future leaders with new and innovative technology solutions. While overall number of U.S. patents awarded is down, according to results issued by the leading producer of global patent databases IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, Canon maintained its standing in the top five spots by being awarded a total of 3,056 patents in 2018.

This marks the 33rd consecutive year that Canon ranked in the top five for number of U.S. patents awarded and the 14th consecutive year that Canon was the top recipient of U.S. patents among Japanese companies.

Additionally, and new this year to IFI’s patent analysis, Canon ranks second in Ultimate Patent Ownership. This separate analysis tabulates the world’s largest current patent holders, which includes parent companies and their subsidiaries. Unlike IFI’s annual Top U.S. Patent Recipients*, the broader ranking measures the size of a patent owner’s global portfolio based on the number of active patent families around the world covering a single invention. Canon secured the second spot, outranking IBM, with 34,905 active patent families.

“The secret to the success behind Canon is that it is always reinventing its approach to innovation, as evident through our continually high rankings in the IFI’s annual patent reports,” says Seymour Liebman, executive vice president, chief administrative officer, and general counsel, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “The IFI’s new patent analysis is further testament to that fact. We are proud of our strong standing among fellow tech giants and look forward to the future, as we continue to break molds and reimagine the impossible.”

This patent news also comes on the heels of Canon’s innovation showcase at CES 2019 where the Company joined forces with likeminded innovators in its booth to “Empower the Future” through its technology integrations in manufacturing, retail, sports, entertainment, and experiential marketing solutions.

For more information on Canon and its products, visit www.usa.canon.com.

Canon News Source: Canon USA

08 January 2019

U.S. patents ranking: Canon only company to have ranked in the top five for 33 years

U.S. patents ranking: Canon only company in the world to have ranked in the top five for 33 years
Canon placed top five in U.S. patent rankings for 33 years running and first among Japanese companies for fourteen years running

TOKYO, January 8, 2019—Canon Inc. ranked third for the number of U.S. patents awarded in 2018, becoming the only company in the world to have ranked in the top five for 33 years running, according to the latest ranking of preliminary patent results issued by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services. What's more, Canon once again ranked first among Japanese companies.

Canon actively promotes the globalization of its business and places great value on obtaining patents overseas, carefully adhering to a patent-filing strategy that pursues patents in essential countries and regions while taking into consideration the business strategies and technology and product trends unique to each location. Among these, the United States, with its many high-tech companies and large market scale, represents a particularly important region in terms of business expansion and technology alliances.

Canon promotes the acquisition and application of intellectual property rights, not only for fundamental technologies required for next-generation products, but also such technologies as the wireless communication and image compression technologies shared by next-generation social infrastructure. Canon contributes to the realization of technology that serves society by continuing to provide even better products, greater convenience and by contributing to the development of manufacturing.

Canon News Source: Canon Global

07 January 2019

Canon Launches Strategic Alliance with Remote Camera Platform, Brizi

Reimagining Group Photo Experiences, Canon U.S.A. Launches Strategic Alliance with Remote Camera Platform, Brizi, Inc.
Reimagining Group Photo Experiences, Canon U.S.A. Launches Strategic Alliance with Remote Camera Platform, Brizi, Inc.

Strategic Alliance Signifies the Company's Commitment to Exploring New and Innovative Applications for Canon Technology

MELVILLE, NY, January 7, 2019 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced its strategic alliance with remote camera-platform company Brizi, Inc., the creators behind BriziCam. This strategic alliance allows both Brizi and Canon to further immerse themselves into new markets and continue to innovate in the imaging space. Elements of the strategic alliance will include sales, joint marketing and a research and development (R&D) collaboration. Today’s announcement marks a new chapter in innovation for Canon with the goal to continue to identify startups and technology companies for collaboration in the imaging industry.

Canon is already Brizi’s top imaging-equipment provider, with the platform taking advantage of the software developer kit (SDK) functionality of Canon EOS digital cameras. Brizi’s platform helps users tap into nearby cameras to capture group memories across the NBA, NCAA, European football, Grand Slam tennis, and at iconic cultural landmarks such as at the Washington Monument. To date, shared “Brizi Moments” have reached more than 26 million people across seven countries. Brizi and Canon will aim to set a new standard for group-memory experiences on both a national and global scale.

Brizi uncovered a void in the marketplace – a challenge in capturing group photos at iconic places. With the help of professional-grade Canon cameras and lenses, enabled with Canon’s SDK functionality, Brizi has reinvented the group photo experience. Last year, Brizi showcased its use-case in sports & entertainment in the Canon booth at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. Since the tradeshow, Brizi and Canon planned how both companies can help elevate the future of imaging technology and business beyond sports and entertainment.

“In Brizi, we see an innovative, energetic and strong team with a clear vision to drive group-photo memories in the fan engagement and landmark markets,” said Kazuto Ogawa, president and COO of Canon U.S.A., Inc. “This strategic alliance marks the dawn of a new era of collaboration, powered by Canon, and we are excited to work with Brizi to further advance the imaging technology industry.”

“With its renowned excellence in imaging and a strong brand legacy, the collaboration with Canon is a great way to set the trajectory of the imaging industry.” said Anna Hu, CEO & Co-Founder of Brizi. “Now that we have formed a strategic alliance with Canon, we are well positioned to help transform the way group memories are captured worldwide, expanding into more iconic sports & entertainment venues and cultural landmarks.”

Canon and Brizi plan to bring a showcase of the BriziCam, Powered by Canon platform to this year’s CES® in booth #16206, offering show attendees the opportunity to immerse themselves in a stunning view of the Grand Canyon. This is made possible through their integration of Canon technology. To further drive the conversation about collaboration and open innovation with startups and other corporations, Canon will also host a panel discussion, “A New Era of Collaboration, Powered by Canon” on Thursday, January 10 at 1:00 pm in Eureka Park with panelists from Brizi, EA and Tome Software, moderated by co-founder of ID8 Innovation Mara Lewis.

Please visit Canon and Brizi at the 2019 CES Show at Booth #16206 in the Central Hall and #50653 in Eureka Park and follow Canon throughout the show on Instagram at @CanonUSA and Twitter at @CanonUSAimaging. Use #CanonCES to join the conversation and visit our website at www.usa.canon.com.

Canon News Source: Canon USA

New Era of Collaboration Powered by Canon

A New Era of Collaboration Powered by Canon Propels the Company Toward a Fresh Approach to Innovation
A New Era of Collaboration Powered by Canon Propels the Company Toward a Fresh Approach to Innovation

Future-Oriented Partners Join the Company at CES® 2019

MELVILLE, N.Y., January 7, 2019 – A true innovator always looks to develop new ways to break the mold, which is why Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, will demonstrate how its technology can help empower a variety of different businesses to communicate their visions at CES® 2019 (Booth #16206). In an effort to authenticate Canon’s connections with like-minded innovators, joining Canon at the show will be returning visionary and remote camera platform Brizi, along with new additions like video game company EA, photo-booth experiential company Xangle, stop-motion animation company Dragonframe and veterinary-imaging solutions company Soundto help show how Canon is immersing itself into unforeseen markets and helping to reinvent its approach to innovation.

“Canon is helping empower future entrepreneurs by forming strategic alliances, and at CES, we plan to demonstrate best-in-class hardware and software solutions with the potential to change the trajectory of the digital imaging industry,” said Kazuto Ogawa, president and COO of Canon U.S.A., Inc. “As an imaging leader, it is important to not only create technology, but to work with forward-thinking visionaries to help businesses grow and thrive for years to come.”

Featured companies will each demonstrate in their own unique way how Canon solutions – a combination of Canon EOS Digital Cameras and Software Developer Kits (SDK) – can help today’s innovators unlock their creative potential. Attendees will learn how to capture engaging group photos, paint with light, and create sports avatars and experiential moments to achieve their visions.

Helping Empower Iconic Memories
In 2016, Brizi, creators of BriziCam, uncovered a void in the marketplace – a challenge in capturing group photos of loved ones at iconic places. With the help of professional-grade Canon cameras and lenses, enabled with the Canon SDK, Brizi has helped reinvent the group-photo experience. BriziCam empowers its users to control nearby cameras and capture group memories at iconic sports, entertainment venues and cultural landmarks.

Brizi plans to bring this experience to the Canon booth at CES, offering show attendees the opportunity to immerse themselves within the Grand Canyon, capturing a stunning “Brizi moment” from a striking aerial vantage point.

“We originally approached Canon as we were looking for a deeper software integration and camera selection to power our equipment.” said Anna Hu, CEO of Brizi. “Throughout this collaboration, Canon has become one of our top imaging equipment sources. We’ve gone on to work closely together with the intention that both companies can help bring BriziCam to iconic locations virtually anywhere, leveraging Canon’s brand equity, network, and imaging expertise.”

Helping Empower EA Gaming Technology
Elevating its video-game technology to the next level, EA will demonstrate in the Canon booth how they generate 3D scans of people’s heads, providing consumers a similar experience to what they would expect from EA in their favorite sports video games. Booth visitors will be amazed how Canon cameras, in combination with EA software and technology, can deliver realistic avatars for today’s hottest games.

EA will create on screen 3D head scans of CES attendees in a matter of a few minutes using a portable scanning rig outfitted with 10 Canon EOS 5D Mark IV cameras and Canon EOS Rebel SL2 cameras as well as EA software.

Helping Empower Experiential Photo Art
Eric Paré, founder of Xangle, is known by his social media followers for his expressive “light-painting” art. His combination of a camera rig and servers consist of 24 to 120 Canon EOS Rebel SL2 cameras and SDK functionality to create these bullet-time, artistic video renderings of light and motion. His work has been performed at events such as Coachella, TEDx and SXSW.

The multi-camera software that he built with his team is primarily aimed at pushing the limits of his unique artwork, but for the last two years, he has been very active at training dozens of teams around the world with this technology. As of today, thousands of cameras are driven by Xangle to capture frozen moments and CES attendees will have the opportunity to experience the same moments.

Helping Empower Animation
What do the stop-motion films “Isle of Dogs”, “Kubo and the Two Strings” and “Shaun the Sheep” have in common? They were all captured with Dragonframe’s software and Canon EOS cameras. Dragonframe is the leading stop-motion animation system in the world and through Canon’s technology and SDK functionality, the Company has made the Canon EOS series the most popular choice for professional stop-motion work. More than 15,000 Dragonframe software users employ Canon EOS cameras to shoot high-quality, stop motion animation.

Fueling fanatics at the Canon booth at CES, Dragonframe will demonstrate its stop-motion animation technology with animator Anthony Scott and an actual puppet used in the movie “The Little Prince.”

Helping Empower Veterinary Imaging
Radiography is the most commonly used diagnostic imaging in both human and veterinary medicine. Sound, a global leader in veterinary diagnostic imaging, has developed a software application specifically designed for veterinary specific workflows. Empowered by Canon Digital Radiography Detectors and medical SDK, Sound is able to provide a seamless, robust, veterinary-specific digital radiography system that will be showcased at the Canon booth at CES.

To further drive the conversation about collaborations and open innovation with startups and other corporations, Canon will also have a presence at Eureka Park; a CES-sister conference focused on startups. OCCO, Dandelion Air, Snap 36, Cloud Spotter and Ortery will exhibit how Canon’s SDK help connect their companies together. Canon will also host a panel discussion, “A New Era of Collaboration, Powered by Canon” on Thursday, January 10 at 1:00pm in Eureka Park with panelists from EA, Brizi and Tome Software and moderated by co-founder of ID8 Innovation Mara Lewis.

Please visit Canon at the 2019 CES Show at Booth #16206 in the Central Hall and #50653 in Eureka Park and follow Canon throughout the show on Instagram at @CanonUSA and Twitter at @CanonUSAimaging. Use #CanonCES to join the conversation and visit our website at www.usa.canon.com.

Canon News Source: Canon USA

Canon Developer Community Program and Wifi-Based, Camera Control API

Canon Developer Community Program and Wifi-Based, Camera Control APIHelping The Advancement Of Innovation, Canon U.S.A. Launches Its First-Ever Developer Community Program And Wifi-Based, Camera Control API

The Multi-Tiered ‘Canon Developer Community’ Membership Program Provides Access to Canon Technology for Developers, Entrepreneurs and Students

MELVILLE, NY, January 7, 2019 – Acknowledging the demand for development support, Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, shows its devotion to the developer communities through the launch of a new developer support program website, the Canon Developer Community1. For years, many companies have been utilizing Canon’s remote camera control 2 and communication capability by creating unique applications to help build successful solutions. From outstanding support to exclusive products and software available for sale, the Canon Developer Community program can help empower developers to take full advantage of Canon digital imaging solutions and SDKs to drive their enterprising visions.

“The developer community has always been important to Canon, which is why the Company is pleased to launch the Canon Developer Community,” said Kazuto Ogawa, president and chief operating officer, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “This full-featured program will bring the extensive resources of Canon to so many in the developer community, allowing them to meet the growing challenges of imaging today and help them to develop new applications to drive the tech industry forward.”

The robust, multi-tiered membership program can help to empower the vision of like-minded developers by providing:
  • Access to Canon’s SDKs and other development tools
  • Access to the Canon Developer Community Online Store where exclusive developer products are offered for sale at discounted prices for United States developers
  • Notification updates regarding the availability of new developer tools
  • Direct technical support from Canon experts1
  • Potential marketing opportunities1 with Canon3.

Membership tiers range from Basic (free) membership where you get access to the developers tools and Community forum, as well as paid levels of membership such as Silver ($500), Gold ($2,500) and Platinum ($7,500) which are targeted to large-scale enterprise organizations and have additional benefits, such as access to technical support, exclusive service discounts and potential advertising and marketing opportunities to work with Canon USA3. The program will also give access to the Canon Community Online Store where the Canon Developer Community exclusive products and discounts are offered.

Camera Control API (CCAPI)
Canon is also launching a new API that will be available to members of the Canon Developer Community. This web-API, which Canon refers to as the Camera Control API (CCAPI), utilizes HTTP protocol over WiFi transmission. It can be executed over programs supporting HTTP, giving the developer more options of platforms to create applications. This helps empower the developer to take advantage of multi-platform support and develop innovative applications such as photo booths, animations, robotics/automations, event photography, mass portraits/passports, photogrammetry, among others.

Canon PowerShot SX70 HS Developer Version with CCAPI
In March of 2019, Canon is scheduled to introduce the PowerShot SX70 HS Developer Version Model, Canon’s first camera integrated with the new CCAPI. This camera features a 65x zoom that can provide impressive versatility depending on application as well as outstanding color accuracy and sharpness, rapid auto-focus for fast capture.

For Canon Developer Community members, this specialized PowerShot SX70 HS Developer Version camera is currently scheduled to be available in January at the Canon Developer Community Online Store.

To learn more about the Canon Developer Community, please visit https://DeveloperCommunity.usa.canon.com.

†Based on weekly patent counts issued by United States Patent and Trademark Office.

1 Available with select membership tiers only.

2 On select models only. Visit the Canon Developer Community to see what cameras currently have available SDKs.

3 Marketing opportunities are not guaranteed. Each potential opportunity will be reviewed and either approved or declined by Canon U.S.A., Inc. in its sole discretion.

Canon News Source: Canon USA

New Canon PIXMA TS705 Inkjet Printer

Introducing the PIXMA TS705 Canon’s smallest five-ink single function printer

London, UK, 7th January 2019 – Canon Europe today announces its smallest five-ink single function printer. The Canon PIXMA TS705, perfect for the home or small office, includes a 350-sheet capacity across a 2-way paper feed, an array of connectivity options (including Amazon Alexa¹ and Google Home² integration) and compatibility with a range of paper and creative apps for limitless personalisation.

For those embracing the latest smart home innovations, the Canon PIXMA TS705 is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home enabled devices3 to seamlessly integrate into the users’ daily life and connected home. When asked, Alexa and Google Assistant will happily instruct the Canon PIXMA TS705 to print out a selected range of children’s colouring sheets, sudoku puzzles or helpful checklist and report templates. The connected technologies will also provide helpful audible updates on the Canon PIXMA TS705’s status and ink levels.

Compact in size being 18 per cent smaller than its predecessor, the PIXMA iP7250, the Canon PIXMA TS705 packs a punch with features including voice control, connectivity and ink-saving cartridges. The Canon PIXMA TS705’s 350-sheet capacity is perfect for small businesses that require uninterrupted plain paper print runs. With a 2-way paper feed for maximum productivity, the Canon PIXMA TS705’s rear paper feed can handle all kinds of paper, including matte and gloss, as well as sizes from 3.5 x 3.5 inch to A4. Operation is also kept simple with a full dot LCD screen.

The Canon PIXMA TS705 prints with 5 individual inks, delivering crisp text, high-quality documents as well as vibrant photographs and a range of creative content. What’s more, optional XL and XXL ink cartridges allow users to print more for less, and 5 individual ink cartridges mean only the ink that runs out needs to be replaced.

The Canon PRINT app compatible with iOS and Android enables users to print straight from a smart device, via Wi-Fi. The app’s smartphone copy feature enables users to effortlessly copy and print by taking a photo of a document and converting it into a PDF. With Ethernet compatibility, Canon PIXMA TS705 users will reap the rewards of secure and high-speed connections.

New Canon PIXMA TS705 Inkjet PrinterAccess to the PIXMA Cloud Link simplifies the everyday by enabling users to print documents and photos from popular cloud services such as Facebook, Instagram, GoogleDrive, DropBox and more ensuring busy office workers can always access and print important documents remotely. The Canon PIXMA TS705 is also compatible with AirPrint (iOS), Mopria (Android) and Windows 10 Mobile for printing without the need of any additional apps.

Efficiency-seeking small businesses and environmentally conscious families need to look no further than the Canon PIXMA TS705. The Auto Power On/Off function can align to business hours or family routines to ensure it’s always ready to use while economising energy usage. Automatic 2-sided printing also minimises paper usage.

Canon’s Easy-PhotoPrint Editor for PC or smart device provides limitless opportunities to indulge in personalised prints, including custom calendars, collages and stickers. These can be printed on a wide range of media, including magnetic, re-stickable and 3.5 x 3.5-inch square photo paper. In addition, Canon’s Nail Sticker Creator app has more than 200 templates for printing bespoke nail stickers with the Canon PIXMA TS705.

Using the Canon PIXMA TS705 and genuine Canon ink will earn users points with Canon’s Print Rewards programme, which can be redeemed for products, fun gifts and digital services. Easy Ink Delivery reminders also ensure ink orders are never forgotten with an email notification when ink is running low.

Delivering a wide range of surprising features for its size, Canon's smallest-ever 5-ink single function printer is the perfect option for family printing needs or a new business looking to get up and running quickly at an affordable price.

The Canon PIXMA TS705 will be available from February 2019.

For more information, please visit: https://www.canon-europe.com/printers/pixma-ts705/

Key benefits:
  • Quality photo prints and crisp documents with 5 individual inks
  • Smart wireless and cloud connectivity
  • Full Dot LCD
  • 2-way paper feed and Auto 2-sided printing
  • 350-sheet capacity
  • Smart and compact design
  • Nail sticker and Disc printing

What’s in the box:
  • Canon PIXMA TS705
  • Set-up ink tanks
  • Power cord
  • Setup CD-ROM
  • Manuals and other documents

1 Amazon and Alexa are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

2 Google and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC.

3 Only English and Japanese language support are available in the EN (UK) skill store. Language support may vary in other skill stores.

Canon News Source: Canon Europe

New Canon PIXMA TS705 Inkjet Printer   Image: Canon USA
New Canon PIXMA TS705 Inkjet Printer   Image: Canon USA

01 January 2019

Top 10 Most Visited Canon Camera News Posts of 2018

Top 10 Most Visited Canon News Posts of 2018 - Canon Camera News 2019Top 10 most visited Canon Camera news / posts for the period 01//01/2018 - 31/12/2018 - here on the Canon Camera News Website

Canon PowerShot / EOS DSLR Search Domination
Canon camera search terms / visits dominating daily visits during the year:

  • Canon PowerShot SX70 HS
  • Canon EOS Shutter Count Software
  • Canon EOS 90D Rumors
  • Canon EOS T8i / EOS 850 Rumors
  • Canon EOS 7D Mark III Rumors
  • Canon PowerShot G5 X Mark II Rumors
  • Canon EOS / PowerShot Cameras
  • Canon EOS Firmware Updates

Top 10 2018 News Articles : Canon Camera News

1. New Canon PowerShot SX70 HS Superzoom Rumored / Released
    New Canon PowerShot SX70 HS Superzoom Rumored / Released

2. Canon EOS Shutter / Actuation Count Software Utilities
    Canon EOS Shutter / Actuation Count Software Utilities

3. New Canon EOS 90D Rumors & Announcement Updates
    New Canon EOS 90D Rumors & Announcement Updates

4. New Canon EOS T8i / EOS 850D Rumors & Announcement Updates
    New Canon EOS T81 / EOS 850D Rumors & Announcement Updates

5. New Canon EOS 7D Mark III Rumors & Announcement Updates
    New Canon EOS 7D Mark III Rumors & Announcement Updates

6. New Canon PowerShot G5 X Mark II Rumors & Announcement Updates
    New Canon PowerShot G5 X Mar II Rumors & Announcement Updates

7. Canon EOS Camera System PDF Brochure Vol 7.01 Download
    Canon EOS Camera System PDF Brochure Vol 7.01 Download

8. Canon EF 200-600mm f/4.5-5.6 IS USM Lens Rumors & Release Update
   Canon EF 200-600mm f/4.5-5.6 IS USM Lens Rumors & Release Update

9. Canon PowerShot SX70 HS Digital Camera
    Canon PowerShot SX70 HS Digital Camera

10. Latest Canon EOS Firmware Updates
      Latest Canon EOS Firmware Updates

Top 20 Search Queries to Canon Camera News 2018

  • canon sx70
  • canon sx70 hs
  • canon 90d
  • canon t8i
  • canon sx70hs
  • canon powershot sx70 hs
  • canon 70d firmware update 2018
  • canon sx 70
  • canon eos 90d
  • canon powershot sx70
  • canon sx70 2018
  • canon rebel t8i
  • canon 90d release date
  • canon camera catalog pdf 2018
  • canon sx 70 hs
  • sx70hs
  • canon t8i release date
  • canon sx70 hs 2018
  • canon sx70 hs release
  • eos 90d

Top 25 Country Visits to Canon Camera News 2018

  1. USA 
  2. UK
  3. India
  4. Canada
  5. Germany
  6. Australia
  7. Netherlands
  8. South Africa
  9. France
  10. Italy
  11. Spain
  12. Brazil 
  13. Philippines
  14. Thailand
  15. Indonesia
  16. Bangladesh
  17. Myanmar (Burma) 
  18. Poland
  19. Hong Kong 
  20. Sweden
  21. Malaysia
  22. Japan
  23. Belgium
  24. Singapore
  25. Taiwan

Top 20 City Visits to Canon Camera News - Full Year 2018
  1. Boston
  2. Sydney
  3. London
  4. Chicago
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Cape Town
  7. Yangon
  8. New York
  9. Bangkok
  10. Paris
  11. Los Angeles
  12. Melbourne
  13. Tel Aviv-Yafo
  14. Bengaluru
  15. Singapore
  16. Kuala Lumpur
  17. Toronto
  18. Quezon City
  19. Kolkata
  20. Brisbane

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Google Analytics (Canon Camera News 2018: 1/1/2018 - 31/12/2018)

New Canon EOS / PowerShot Cameras Launched 2019

New Canon EOS / PowerShot Cameras to be Launched 2018

Canon’s New hdAlbum EZ V2.0 Photo Book Software

Outstanding Quality Photo Books Made Easier Than Ever With Canon’s New hdAlbum EZ V2.0 Software

MELVILLE, N.Y., June 25, 2018 – The average smart phone user has 630 photos stored in their phones1 – that’s a lot of memories captured with no place to go. Creating photo books to showcase all those memories is a great idea and thoughtful gift but the process can often feel daunting and time-consuming without the right application. Today, Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, is excited to announce the launch of the new hdAlbum EZ v2.0 app, using our proprietary EAGiAL-M2 technology to automatically arrange images directly from your compatible mobile device3 to make the photo book creation process a fun hobby and creative outlet.

The imaging experts at Canon have completely redesigned the hdAlbum EZ app with the v2.0 update for a virtually seamless customer experience, allowing users to navigate the mobile interface with ease and convenience. The redesigned software creates attractive layouts for the user, creating beautiful photo books using 20 to 50 of their favorite images. It can also be linked to Facebook, Instagram and Verizon Cloud accounts.

“Canon is committed to offering time-saving solutions and creating intuitive platforms for imaging creation,” said Kazuto Ogawa, president and COO, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “The newly redesigned hdAlbum EZ v2.0 software provides a streamlined user experience for consumers to capture and share their memories with friends and families while leveraging the high-quality printing capabilities Canon is known for delivering.”

Starting at $14.99, Canon photo books take less than a week (approx. 3-5 business days) for production. Canon hdAlbums are ideal gifts or keepsakes for life’s biggest moments such as graduations, family vacations, newborns, engagements, weddings and more – you can learn more about the photo books and the redesigned app by visiting: https://shop.usa.canon.com/shop/en/catalog/canon-professional-prints-and-photo-books/hdalbumez-custom-photo-books

Canon News Source: Canon USA

Canon EOS 760D / Canon EOS 750D Sample Images

Canon EOS 760D (Rebel T6s) / Canon EOS 750D (Rebel T6i) Sample Photos

News EOS / Rebel Body Specifications:  EOS 760D (Rebel T6s)  /  EOS 750D (Rebel T6i)

Canon EOS 760D / Canon EOS 750D PDF User Guides / Instruction Manual Downloads

Canon EOS 760D / Rebel T6s
Canon EOS 760D / Rebel T6s with EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM Lens EXIF DATA

Canon EOS 760D / Rebel T6s with EF-S 18-135mm IS STM Lens EXIF DATA

Canon EOS 760D / Rebel T6s with EF 16-35mm f/4L USM Lens EXIF DATA

Canon EOS 750D / Rebel T6i
Canon EOS 750D / Rebel T6i with EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Lens EXIF DATA

Canon EOS 750D / Rebel T6i with EF 10-22 Wide-Angle Lens EXIF DATA

Canon EOS 750D / Rebel T6i with EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro Lens EXIF DATA

Other Canon EOS Official Sample Images

Canon Source: Canon Japan / Canon Japan

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