07 March 2022

Canon Corporate Strategy Conference 2022 PDF Download

Canon Corporate Strategy Conference 2022 PDF Download

Canon Inc. Corporate Strategy Conference 2022

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  • Excellent Global Corporation Plan Phase VI – Progress
  • 2021 Results and Future Growth Strategy
  • Financial Strategy
  • Actions to Solve Social Issues
  • Summary

Canon Growth Strategy: Mirrorless Cameras and Network Cameras

Canon Growth Strategy 2022: Cameras and Network Cameras

Canon Strategy Update 2022: Mirrorless Cameras / RF Lenses (Canon EOS R System)

As for cameras, although the overall market continues to shrink, this mainly reflects lower sales of entry-class models. In contrast, demand among professionals and advanced amateurs seeking high-quality image expression remains strong. Overall, the market seems to be bottoming out. Over the past several years, we have worked to raise the appeal of the EOS R system by enhancing our lineup with highly competitive full frame mirrorless cameras and RF lenses. As a result, we have established a solid position in mirrorless cameras, and are now in a situation where we can target the top market share position. Leveraging this, we will not only increase our market share, but also strive to improve our product mix, and combined with the effects of structural reforms we have been implementing, we feel we have created a system that can generate stable, high profits.

Going forward, we will continue to expand our lineup in response to user feedback, secure the global No. 1 market share position in mirrorless cameras, maintain the level of sales, and further increase profitability by expanding automation and improving development efficiency. 

Source: Page 8 / Slide 6 from the Canon Corporate Strategy Conference 2022 Documentation

Canon Growth Strategy: Summary (overall)

Canon Corporate Strategy Conference 2022 Summary Slide

Canon Strategy Update 2022: Summary towards future Growth Strategy (2025)

Last year, in the first year of our 5-year initiative, Phase VI of the Excellent Global Corporation Plan, we were affected by product supply shortages, but our profits exceeded those of 2019 before the pandemic hit, and we are off to a good start in achieving our targets for 2025. We will continue to change by fully demonstrating the "enterprising spirit" and "Spirit of the Three Selfs" that have been in our DNA since our foundation. In the final year of Phase VI, we will return to being a highly profitable company, achieving our performance targets for 2025 of net sales of 4.5 trillion yen or more, operating income ratio of 12% or more, and net income ratio of 8% or more.

Source: Page 18 / Slide 15 from the Canon Corporate Strategy Conference 2022 Documentation

Presentation Material Source: Global Canon

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