11 May 2023

Vlogging Camera Tutorial - Canon PowerShot V10

 Vlogging Camera Tutorial - Canon PowerShot V10 : Official Canon Video

Canon PowerShot V10
Create the online content of your dreams with the brand new all-in-one, pocket-perfect 4K vlogging camera, the Canon PowerShot V10, and be ready to roll in seconds.

With everything neatly built in – stereo microphones, powerful features, a tiltable screen for front and back recording and even a multi-position stand – there’s no need to carry anything else. And once you’re done recording, you can just pop it in your pocket.
  • Chapter 1 Quick start guide
  • Chapter 2 Camera buttons explained
  • Chapter 3 The Q button
  • Chapter 4 Canon Camera Connect App
  • Chapter 5 Livestreaming

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