11 May 2023

Canon PowerShot V10 - Designed for Vlogging

Introducing the Canon PowerShot V10 - Designed for Vlogging : Official Canon Video

Canon PowerShot V10 Camera
Create the online content of your dreams with the brand new all-in-one, pocket-perfect 4K vlogging camera, the Canon PowerShot V10, and be ready to roll in seconds.
   With everything neatly built in – stereo microphones, powerful features, a tiltable screen for front and back recording and even a multi-position stand – there’s no need to carry anything else. And once you’re done recording, you can just pop it in your pocket. Pocket-perfect all-in-one
Record all the engaging vlog content you need with easy operation. Use the built-in multi-position stand if scenes demand it. Pop it in your pocket when you’re done. Wow your subscribers with engaging content
 Impress subscribers with shake-free2 4K UHD content that looks great even in bright or low light. Create a signature style at the touch of a button with the 14 filters. Sound simply superb
With large built-in stereo microphones, capture the atmosphere and every word you say clearly, everywhere you record. A wind filter ensures you’re heard, even when the weather is against you. Connect with confidence
Set up via an intuitive wizard that connects automatically via Bluetooth. Record from nearby over Wi-Fi. Use as your webcam with simple plug-and-play to help expand community engagement. Livestream with ease
Grow subscribers in real-time – even wirelessly on-the-go using your mobile data – by livestreaming on YouTube and Facebook via the Canon Camera Connect app on your smartphone. Canon PowerShot V10: https://canon.sm/3NS8SHz

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