01 February 2023

Evolution of Canon Eye Detection AF Technology

Discover how Canon developed autofocus technology capable of tracking the eyes of birds in flight, and how this has transformed photography in the field for bird photographer Jonas Classon.

Evolution of Canon's Eye Detection AF technology
Evolution of Canon's Eye Detection AF Technology Image © Jonas Classon

Getting the eyes sharp is essential in portrait photography, but have you ever stopped to consider how important it is even in bird photography?

Sometimes the two genres of photography can have very similar aims. "I try to find the character of the bird," explains specialist bird photographer Jonas Classon. "I really try to go inside. Sometimes I feel a strong connection with a bird, and when I'm able to frame it and show this to my viewers, that's what it's really all about for me – to really feel that connection with a wild animal."

Beyond that, imagine the difference it must make to have an autofocus (AF) system capable of detecting and locking on to a bird in flight, even in the most challenging conditions, such as low light and obstacles constantly getting in the way. "It took me 10 years to be able to take action shots of Grey Owls, with a lot of practising and a lot of missed shots," says Jonas. "As soon as I learned how, the Canon EOS R5 and Eye Detection AF came along.

"Yesterday evening, an hour after sunset, in the forest, I took a photo of a Great Grey Owl hunting. I couldn't do that a couple of years ago. (Source: Canon Ireland)

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Canon Media Source: Canon Ireland

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