08 February 2023

Canon EOS R8 vs EOS R7 vs EOS RP

Canon EOS R8 vs EOS R7 vs EOS RP: which Canon mirrorless camera is the best choice for the needs of serious photography enthusiasts?

Canon EOS R8 vs EOS R7 vs EOS RP

As the Canon EOS R System range continues to grow, there is more choice at all levels, from the pro powerhouse EOS R3 to the beginner-friendly EOS R50. In the mid-range there are a number of models all with outstanding performance but slightly different feature sets, aimed at slightly different users. Head-to-head, how do they compare?

Here, Canon Europe Product Marketing Specialist Tibor Szövetes and Product Marketing Manager John Maurice guide you through the similarities and differences between the EOS R8 and the closest mid-range EOS R System models, the EOS R7 and the EOS RP. (Source: Canon Europe)
  • Sensor Size: APS-C vs full-Frame
  • Size, Design and Controls
  • Video Capabilities
  • Autofocus and Subject Tracking
  • RAW Burst and Pre-Capture
  • Which is the Mid-Range EOS R System Camera for You?

Read More>> How does the EOS R8 compare? Discover the differences and similarities between the mid-range models in the EOS R System lineup: the EOS R8, EOS R7 and EOS RP.

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