01 February 2023

Canon SPIRT Security Hardening Guides

 Canon SPIRT Hardening Guide Information

Canon SPIRT Security Hardening Guide Information

Canon PSIRT (Product Security Incident Response Team)

Securing products when connecting to a network

Many products and their various functions can be used more conveniently by connecting to a network. However, connecting products to a network introduces the possibility of security risks such as unauthorized access by malicious third parties.

For example, if a product is connected to a network with a default password or a password that is easy to guess, there is a risk of undesired changes to settings or data extraction. In addition, connecting a product to the internet without using a wired router or Wi-Fi router poses a greater risk of unauthorized access.

In order to minimize the risk of security issues, it is necessary to apply the appropriate settings and use your products in a secure environment. Below we have outlined a number of security measures intended to help customers use Canon products in a more secure way. (Source: Canon SPIRT Hardening Guides)

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Product Security Policy

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

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