08 February 2023

Canon EOS R8 Widens Creative Horizons

6 Ways the Canon EOS R8 can widen your Creative Horizons

Canon EOS R8 Widens Creative Horizons

At the time of its release, the Canon EOS R8 is the lightest full-frame camera that Canon has ever produced, yet it is a true heavyweight when it comes to image quality, autofocus and video performance. It's positioned in the mid-range in Canon's mirrorless EOS R System lineup, yet it's packed with creative features and intelligent controls that make it simpler to achieve professional-quality results.

The Canon EOS R8 is the perfect all-rounder for creative photo and video enthusiasts, excellent for portraits, landscapes, events and more. Here, sports and action photographer Martin Bissig, whose primary camera is the Canon EOS R5, and photography enthusiast Alexandra Andreeva, who tested the EOS R8 on a shoot in Paris, explore some of the key features of the EOS R8, with technical insights from Canon Europe Product Specialist Tibor Szövetes. (Source: Canon Europe)

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