01 February 2023

New intelligent PTZ Applications: Auto Tracking and Auto Loop

Introducing two new intelligent PTZ applications: Auto Tracking and Auto Loop - Canon Video

Canon PTZ cameras* now support two apps for auto tracking and auto loop. This firmware update is required to install the apps’ new features. The two apps are available from your dealer at extra cost and will be available later in 2023.
   Auto Tracking Application RA-AT001. Unlock the potential to track the main speaker with head/face detection as they move around the stage, automatically. Optimise production efficiency for lectures, corporate events, houses of worship, live performances and broadcast. Auto Loop Application RA-AL001. Programme repeated camera pan, tilt, and zoom movements to track repeated live action, consistently and accurately. Capture footage of live events and musical performances with style.

Learn more: https://canon.sm/3R3wOYa