15 September 2023

Canon Learning Series – Wildlife Photography

Canon Learning Series – Wildlife Photography – Official Canon Video

Canon Learning Series – Wildlife Photography – Getting Closer

Wildlife is a beloved topic within photography, that requires good knowledge of the environment, patience and resilience. It is not for the faint-hearted but starting out doesn’t need to be as wild as you might think! To help you get familiar with the mysterious world of wildlife photography, our host, Tomi Adebayo, who you might know as @GadgetsBoy, asked Radomir Jakubowski to share his tips. Radomir is a Canon Ambassador and a professional wildlife photographer with years of experience behind him.

Chapter 1: Introduction In the second episode, you’ll take a step closer to wildlife, learn about light and your footprint in nature – and how to minimise it.

 Chapter 2: Distance and light The closer you get to the animals, the more opportunities you’ll get to shoot your shot. But how close is too close and which lens is your best partner? The light is also an important aspect when shooting in nature and Radomir has tips for you!

 Chapter 3: Shooting techniques Advancing in your photography will eventually mean, you’ll need to advance your kit as well. Radomir’s choice is the EOS R6 Mark II. Canon EOS R6 Mark II: https://canon.sm/43KhwwJ 

Chapter 4: Footprint on nature When you’re shooting wildlife, you’ll need to be conscious about your footprint on the environment. Radomir, as an experienced wildlife photographer, will have plenty of tips for you.

Chapter 5: Summary Let’s look at what we’ve learned! Subscribe to our channel and set up your notifications, so you don’t miss the expert episode, where we’ll look into making wildlife photography your career.
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Canon products featured in this episode
Canon EOS R6 Mark II: https://canon.sm/43KhwwJ
Canon RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM: https://canon.sm/3CC2Fsu

This episode was shot on: Canon EOS C70: https://canon.sm/3XbJf7l Canon EOS R5C: https://canon.sm/3PrU82K

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