01 September 2023

Canon Learning Series - Travel Photography

Canon Learning Series - Travel Photography – Expert: Telling a story

Canon Learning Series - Travel Photography 
Travel photography has always been popular, but after the pandemic, many found a new appreciation for travelling, from beginners capturing their memories to experts landing brand collaborations. To help you progress with your travel content, our host, Tomi Adebayo, who you might know as @GadgetsBoy asked @HarrisonBrownsLife to share his tips. Harrison is a photographer and videographer based in Scotland, specialising in travel. 

Chapter 1: Introduction In the final episode, Harrison will walk you through the steps of how to build a narrative and work together with your favourite brands.
Chapter 2: Travel narrative Harrison gives tips on building a narrative and capturing the shots for the story you had in mind. But he doesn’t stop there, and helps you with sharing your story on social media, including his favourite tried and tested formats on the platforms.

Chapter 3: Video content and settings As you’re now an expert building your own brand, your kit will need to reflect that. Harrison’s choice of camera is the EOS R5 for the best quality stills and video.
Harrison will also walk you through his favourite video settings to never miss a moment worth capturing. 

Chapter 4: Working with brands Finding your niche is key in establishing your personal brand, that’ll then land you your dream collaborations with the brands you’ve always wanted to work with. But the dream has practical elements to it, Harrison shares a few tips on this as well.

Chapter 5: Summary Let’s look at what we’ve learned! Subscribe to this channel and set up your notifications, so you don’t miss the next episodes, where we’ll explore wildlife photography.

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Canon products featured in this episode:
Canon EOS R5: https://canon.sm/3PjQzMg
Canon RF 24-70mm F2.8L IS USM: https://canon.sm/3qRwKlj
Canon RF 70-200mm F2.8L IS USM: https://canon.sm/3qH68TO

This episode was shot on: Canon EOS C70: https://canon.sm/3NhRFpa Canon EOS R5C: https://canon.sm/3JjKYlc