29 September 2023

Canon PowerShot V10: the must-have camera for video and stills

Canon PowerShot V10: the must-have camera for on-the-go video and stills - Official Canon Video

Canon PowerShot V10 Camera
Watch as Canon Explorer of Light Vanessa Joy uses the Canon PowerShot V10 to capture behind-the-scenes stills and videos. From the easy-to-use setup and interface to the quick controls and stellar audio capture, learn how easily you can bring this camera along anywhere you'd like to film on the go. 

Learn more about the PowerShot V10: https://canon.us/46lLAQZ 

Connect with Vanessa: https://canon.us/3XXJ6Vy 

Learn more about Vanessa: https://canon.us/48tnx3S

Canon USA YouTube Channel

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