01 October 2022

The Best Canon Cameras for Shooting Video

From the full-featured EOS R5 C to the compact EOS M50 Mark II, Canon experts and filmmakers explore the best mirrorless cameras for video.

The Best Canon Cameras for Shooting Video
Canon EOS R5 for Video Shooting   Image Credit: Canon Europe 

Best Canon EOS Cameras for Video Shooting 
Which are the best Canon cameras for video? Shooting video used to require a dedicated cine camera, but all the models in the current Canon EOS and PowerShot ranges can now shoot high-quality movies as well as top-notch stills. Consequently, more photographers are discovering how easy it is to enhance their storytelling with great video, while videographers are finding new ways to shoot more creative footage with mirrorless and compact cameras as B-cams. (Source: Canon Europe)

  • Best camera for experienced videographers: Canon EOS R5 C

  • Best camera for video shoots in tough conditions: Canon EOS R3

  • Best camera for hybrid shooting: Canon EOS R5

  • Best camera for low light: Canon EOS R6

  • Best camera for vlogging: Canon EOS M50 Mark II

Article Source: Canon Europe

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