28 October 2021

Canon Officially Launches the RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM Lens, Hong Kong

Canon Officially Launches the RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM Lens, Hong Kong
A Compact and Lightweight RF Super Telephoto Zoom Lens for Expanded Imaging Creation

HONG KONG, 28th October 2021 — Canon announces the new RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM is now available for sale, providing photo enthusiasts using the EOS R system with an excellent super telephoto zoom lens option that is compact, versatile and affordable to capture a wider range of topics. The compact and lightweight RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM is only 635g in weight and 164.7mm in length. Its superior optical design coupled with built-in optical image stabilization of up to 5.5-stop shake compensation[1] allow for easy capture of sharp and clear images. Its 400mm focal length and impressive 0.41x magnification open up more imaging perspectives and room for creative possibilities, empowering users to explore a wider range of topics ranging from landscape, wildlife, travel, aviation to railway.

Superior Optical Design for Excellent Image Quality in a Compact Size

Inheriting the compact design concept of EOS R system and taking advantages of the large mount diameter and short back focus distance of the RF mount, RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM is made possible with a newly developed 12 elements in 9 groups optical design, which successfully reduces the number of lens elements used to achieve a compact and lightweight design while retaining excellent image quality. While covering 100mm-400mm reach, RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM is only 164.7mm in length and 635g in weight, which is physically as compact as an average 350ml tumbler. With a size much smaller and lighter than other lenses of its type, it is highly portable and compact enough to fit into a small bag or packed with other lenses, enabling users to travel and shoot light to experience the power of full frame photography.

The lens optical design features 1 UD lens element to correct chromatic aberration throughout the entire zoom range and 1 PMo aspherical lens element to deliver high resolution and contrast to realize edge-to-edge sharpness throughout its 100-400mm zoom range. In addition, the lens features a 9-blade circular aperture to deliver beautiful and soft background blur effect. It also features the renowned Super Spectra Coating and optimized shapes of lens elements to minimize ghosting and flare. An optional Lens Hood ET-74B can be added to further enhance flare resistance.

Super Telephoto Zoom Lens with High Magnification Realizing Expanded Creative Possibilities

Offering all-round mid to super telephoto capabilities, RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM can satisfy versatile imaging needs while contributing to the creation of richer expressions. Such long focal range coverage makes it easy to capture feature shots during traveling, or genres like wildlife, aviation, or railway which are generally difficult to photograph from a close distance. The lens is also compatible with Extender RF 1.4x or Extender RF 2x, the effective focal length can be increased further to 560mm and 800mm respectively.

While this is a super telephoto lens, its minimum focusing distances is only 0.88m (at 200mm) with a magnification of 0.24x. At 400mm, the lens achieves an impressive 0.41x magnification at 1.05m shooting distance, this is particularly useful in creating one-of-a-kind feature shots of small subjects such as flowers or butterflies. The best can be brought out of the lens compression effect and bokeh of telephoto lenses.

Up to 5.5-Stop Optical Image Stabilization1 to Facilitate Handheld Shooting

RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM features a built-in Optical Image Stabilizer that provides shake compensation of up to 5.5-stop shutter speed[1]. When used with EOS R3 / EOS R5 / EOS R6, image stabilization effect is enhanced to 6-stop[2] with the camera’s In-Body Image Stabilizer. Benefited from the lens’ compactness and its incredible image stabilization performance, users can shoot handheld easily and conveniently at long focal length without the hassle of bringing a tripod. This also gives users more freedom in photography to explore shooting in dim environment, using low shutter speeds or low ISO settings to realize more creativity.

Outstanding Focusing Performance and Operability to Make Shooting a Breeze

RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM is equipped with Nano USM and a rear focusing system for high-speed and accurate AF and smooth Movie AF, empowering users to grasp every fleeting photo and video opportunity with confidence. Focusing operation is nearly silent, guaranteeing high-quality movie results in addition to still images. AF remains possible and highly efficient even when an extender is attached[3]. When it comes to operability, the lens incorporates the RF lens control ring on the lens barrel to enable easy adjustment of assigned settings such as ISO speed, shutter speed or aperture value directly from the lens. This makes operation a breeze and brings maximized efficiency especially when shooting through the electronic viewfinder. The lens also features a “Zoom Ring Lock”, which locks the zoom at 100mm to prevent the lens from extending when being carried.

The new RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM is now available for sale. The suggested retail price is HK$5,780.