19 April 2023

Kokomo by Canon

Connect face-to-face from anywhere with Early Access to Kokomo Software by Canon. Immersive Calling lets you meet virtually in person using the Meta Quest 2 headset. Experience dynamic environments with lifelike detail.

For the ultimate experience, pair with the Kokomo mobile app found on Apple App Store and Google Play Store to see and hear each other — as if you’re really there
  • Add friends and make calls to connect in virtual environments
  • Complete a face scan with the Kokomo mobile app to capture you and all your real-time expressions
  • Kokomo replaces the headset in the call, so your friends can see you
  • Hand tracking is available, so you can use hand motions and interact with the menu from your palm
  • Switch environments — from Malibu to Hawaii and more, find your right vibe
  • Check yourself out in Mirror Mode
  • Share your media like pictures and videos with your caller
  • Add your own profile picture or capture one from your face scan

This is your virtual play space. So go on and Kokomo!

Visit Canon.us/kokomo for details and specifications of Kokomo Early Access.

Additional Details
Warning: Apps from App Lab haven’t gone through the full Oculus review process, so they may include unknown issues relating to comfort, performance or other factors.

Kokomo Informa Source: Oculus by Meta Quest

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