08 December 2021

Canon launches “DX Journey: Achieving Digital Maturity” Event

Canon launches “DX Journey: Achieving Digital Maturity” Event
Throughout the transformation journey, the digital technologies support companies to acquire constant adaptability and flexibility in the increasing digital environment

8 December 2021, Hong Kong – Digital transformation does not simply refer to technology implementation and improvement. Instead, it is about deploying digital capabilities across different business functions to reach operational maturity. Canon Hong Kong hosted “DX Journey: Achieving Digital Maturity” at Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui. Invited business partners, industry leaders and customers, the event delivered inspirational concepts, practical advice, and interactive technology demonstrations of Canon’s latest products and solutions for an all-round digitalization and digital maturity.

The event identified 8 key business functions that enterprises can focus on: sales, marketing, finance & accounting, legal, information technology, administration, human resources and reception. Each function possesses their own process of digitalization that requires the support of different tools. Alongside with the aid of the Digital Maturity Model (DMM), enterprises can create their unique, industry-oriented roadmap of digital transformation that fits in line with their business strategies.

Mr. Philip Chan, Senior Director and General Manager of Business Imaging Solution & Production Printing Group, Canon Hong Kong. said, “Implementing more and better technologies alone is inadequate, the transformation must be accompanied by a powerful digital culture that aligns all stakeholders, business structure, tasks, and the corporate culture.” The DMM identifies 5 core business dimensions that enterprises should focus on so as to reach digital maturity. “By evaluating digital capability based on the DMM, enterprises can prioritize the areas to emphasize and establish short- and long-term plans for enhancement. Hence, they can reach digital maturity as a whole”, Mr. Philip Chan added.

The 5 Focuses of the Digital Maturity Model (DMM)
  • Customer Enhance customer experience through their preferred channels
  • Strategy Transform and operate in a way that can increase competitiveness effectively
  • Technology Process data efficiently through appropriate tools
  • Operations Optimize and evolve operation across different business functions
  • Organization & Culture Encourage a digital culture with governance and talent management

Transcending Traditional Limits
Times have changed. Enterprises require fully open, intelligent, and highly compatible systems to enhance their competitive advantage. Canon’s Data Capture Solution, IRISXtract, is an AI driven solution that can automatically perform template-less and high-quality data extraction for unstructured documents. From document scanning, file classification, data extraction, indexing, archiving and distribution, the process no longer relies on 1 set of template and rules per layout with zonal OCR technology. Instead, the solution is based on a free-form, full-text approach that requires no templates nor manual configuration.

Furthermore, IRISXtract can retrieve data from multichannel sources for different types of documents, such as paper, electronic and e-mail. Up to 80 million address data can be extracted under 1 second. Files processed will then enter existing Document Management System for workflow approval and archiving. Its AI and machine learning technology drive continuous improvement in accuracy, allowing employees to experience a more efficient and flexible data capturing process. By eliminating monotonous and mundane tasks, employee satisfaction level and morale can be elevated for enhanced efficiency. Business can therefore free up their resources for core functions to get a competitive edge.

Enhancing Customer Engagement
Marketing competition is fierce, while customers are savvier. The widespread adoption of digital technologies has multiplied the interactions between brands and consumers. Canon offers cutting-edge Customer Communication Management Solutions (CCM), which focuses on data mining and customer engagement and is able to help enter into a new era between enterprises and customers via a powerful, personalized and effective communication solution.

The solution is designed to streamline customer data into a centralized content management platform by integrating information from various enterprise systems. This empowers companies who own a huge database such as banks, insurance firms and grocery retailers to produce millions of personalized yet omnichannel communications in just hours. The messages created are on-brand, instantly available, and consistent across all channels. CCM therefore becomes faster and easier than ever.

Since segmenting and processing a massive database manually can be time-consuming, inaccurate, repetitive and dull, while outsourcing such data processing might lead to high cost, long turnaround time, and leakage of sensitive data. CCM can automate data processing with little or no programming for rule and template setting, which is ease and perfect for in-house marketing strategies execution.

Fulfilling Diversified Needs
Global spending on cloud services is forecast to see a continuation of rapid adoption and growth in 2022, reaching over $482 billion which is up 54% year over year. Yet, some businesses remain to choose dedicated server because it offers a robust security, greater control, and a performance that can perfectly match with business requirements. To obtain the best of both worlds, Canon’s output management solution, uniFLOW features a built-in hybrid technology that continues to combine on-premises and cloud resources to offer complementary benefits. This brings the traditional server-based print and scan environment into a highly flexible hybrid system. User can download print jobs from uniFLOW Online to server and process them through server workflows such as on-premises budget control. Meanwhile, they can also enjoy more print job submission methods that was only available in uniFLOW Online. Such hybrid infrastructure enables a higher scalability, instant deployment and guaranteed uptime that is beneficial to any corporation, regardless of size and industry.

Increasing number of public or shared spaces offer printing and scanning services for their users. To better facilitate the management of these services, Canon provides On-demand Payment Solution, PayLink, which is designed to enhance user experience with the ease of use and efficiency. PayLink supports a variety of mobile payment methods including AlipayHK and WeChat Pay, allowing users to choose their preferred platform. By simply scanning the QR code generated on Canon’s multi-function device, users can either perform one-off payment for printing, scanning and copying. Tracking of usage and costs is made easier with its graphical reports and dashboard for administrators as well, which is ideal for public and shared spaces such as co-working space, coffee shop, library and university for improved resource allocation and management.

Utilizing Robots in Workplace
Autonomous delivery robots are gaining momentum within the market, where one of the driving forces of such expansion is the global emergence of the e-commerce company. It can be seen that organizations such as hotels, airports, large companies and universities with extensive grounds of their own are introducing these robots to transport different goods to from one location to another. Canon’s Intelligent Service Robot is an electric-powered motorized vehicle, which is trained to operate in office environment. It can be used to deliver items such as courier and incoming mail to specific department or staff without the need for human intervention. Upon pick-up, receivers are required to enter password for assets to prevent any unauthorized access to confidential items. As a result, the need for human resources for this dull and non-creative task can be eliminated and reallocated for other valuable tasks.

Delivering Superior Reception Experience
Virtual reception booms across different industries amid the pandemic. It creates a contactless check-in experience that perfectly suits event venue and company office. Canon’s Virtual Reception Solution enables visitor to perform self check-in with their unique QR code upon their arrival. A kiosk with floor plan can be used to guide visitors to the destination once registration completes, which can also be used to deliver relevant information and display advertisements. In the meantime, the system will notify the host automatically with real-time updates. It is also compatible in connecting with third-party's calendar for meeting room booking purposes, ensuring the meeting and event information in the system is up-to-date.

Canon launches “DX Journey: Achieving Digital Maturity” Event

Canon launches “DX Journey: Achieving Digital Maturity” Event

Source / Reference: Canon Hong Kong

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