01 September 2017

Canon Photo Companion: Learn photography with the new Canon App

Canon Photo Companion: Learn photography with the new Canon App

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Canon Photo Companion: Learn photography with the new Canon App

Learn photography with the new Canon app. With digital photography tips, expert tricks and comprehensive photography tutorials, Canon Photo Companion helps you get that perfect shot.

The ultimate partner for your Canon camera, the new Canon Photo Companion app provides expert photography tutorials for making the most of your device, and helps you advance your skills. From photography tips for beginners to expert DSLR photography tricks, enjoy videos and articles tailored to you, so you can progress your learning further. As you complete your beginner or intermediate level exercises, tips and tutorials, you will unlock more advanced ones.

Key Features:

  • Download, register with Canon, and start your journey & track your learning on your profile
  • Almost like a digital photography course, our tips, exercises and video tutorials are tailored to your camera model and level
  • Make a personal profile listing your DSLR photography skills, goals and preferences
  • From the novice to the expert, learn new techniques for using your EOS camera and unlock increasingly challenging exercises

  • See your SLR photography skills advance with tracked progress through each level of our photography tutorials 
  • Learn photography from the masters, with Canon Ambassadors and Explorers sharing their story of how they made it in the photography world. Find what Canon camera body, lenses and accessories kit they use to get their best shots.
  • Get inspired by our spectacular SLR photography images in the user gallery by other Canon users
  • Check out our city guides for and get inspired to use your DSLR photography skills and capture incredible cities like London or Amsterdam in incredible new ways
  • Compatible with any 80D, 1300D and 1200D Canon EOS camera with more devices coming soon!

Just like any Digital photography courses, this app works to enhance your skillset with guides on how to learn photography in key areas, from using composition to creatively to eye-catching time lapses, and help you use your digital SLR camera to the fullest.

A fully personalised profile allows you to track your progress as you move from photography tips for beginners to more expert tips and ways to use your Canon camera.

More than a digital photography course, Canon Photo Companion provides endless inspiration from Canon Ambassadors and Explorers. Learn about their journey into the world of photography, which Canon EOS they use, and view the user gallery of incredible shots.

Put your new SLR photography skills to the test with our City Guides. Designed around a specific city, learn and be inspired to capture London or Amsterdam in a whole new way.

Have questions about the app or want to learn more about your Canon camera? Connect with us on Facebook or visit our official website for news, updates and digital photography tips.

Please see our End User License Agreement here: http://www.canon-europe.com/apps/terms_and_conditions/