01 May 2022

Canon EOS R5: Links to Professional Previews and Reviews

Canon EOS R5: Links to Professional Previews and Reviews
The EOS R5 builds off of the powerful legacy of Canon’s full frame cameras offering next generation refinements in image quality, performance and reliability. It’s an ideal choice for a large range of photographic and cinematographic environments from weddings, portraits, sports, journalism, landscape, cinematography and more.

Canon’s all-new 45 Megapixel full-frame sensor is at the heart of the EOS R5’s superb image quality, which also leads the way for impressive 8K DCI cinematic movie capture with the ability to extract 35.4 Megapixel still images. Focus and speed are paramount in the EOS R5, providing impressive continuous capture at speeds of up to 20 frames-per-second and with Dual Pixel CMOS AF II capability, to track split second movements of even the most elusive of subjects.

Updated Canon EOS R5 Previews / Reviews
Many websites and blogs are currently releasing their pre-sales previews and we will keep updating the listing over the next few weeks.

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Canon EOS R5 Product Info / Downloads
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Online Previews / Reviews - Canon EOS R5 DSLR Camera

Canon EOS R5 Camera Consumer Reviews / Discussions
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