22 February 2024

Canon’s updated SDK extends Linux compatibility

Canon’s updated Software Development Kit extends Linux compatibility

Canon’s updated SDK extends Linux compatibility

London, UK, 22 February 2024 – Canon Europe announces the latest evolution in its EOS Digital Software Development Kit (EDSDK) – free of charge software now fortified with Linux compatibility. EDSDK has long been pivotal in allowing software developers and computer programmers to design tailored digital solutions for controlling Canon cameras, making it an indispensable tool for professionals in the field. Core features include remote shooting, image transfer, camera setting and live view monitor.

In this latest update, the added Linux compatibility on ARM processors opens new avenues for businesses seeking to streamline workflows. This will benefit industries across use cases such as photobooths, traffic enforcement cameras and 3D photogrammetry.

The evolution of low-cost and compact computers and such as Raspberry Pi or Nvidia Jetson Nano can provide adequate computing power for camera remote control with a tiny footprint. A combination of Canon EOS cameras and microcontroller boards offers further flexibility and expanded connectivity for camera integration. Small host computers can be placed in narrow enclosures allowing a USB connection between the camera and computer, which is beneficial for robust communication.

When a solution requires dozens of cameras to capture objects from all directions (3D photogrammetry scanners) a number of computers are also needed to control all cameras simultaneously. Utilising single board computers, a number of devices can be installed for local remote camera control, with one main host computer communicating via Ethernet – one of the optimal hardware configurations for multiple camera control.

Devices with an embedded GPU enable powerful image processing such as deep learning and image recognition, which has excellent affinity with high resolution and quality images captured by Canon EOS cameras.

Akiyoshi Ishii, Senior Manager Technical Integration at Canon Europe, comments: “We’re really excited to release the Linux version of EDSDK because it’s a long-awaited feature from camera SDK developers. EDSDK has proved the capability of EOS cameras for industrial usage over the past decade. The EDSDK for Linux certainly lets us move forward to the next stage and we’ll encounter unseen use cases created by camera SDK developers.”

To access the Canon SDK download, register interest via the Canon Developer Programme: developers.canon-europe.com/developers. Technical support is available in the EMEA region via a support request form for developers, and there is a forum to discuss questions and ideas.

Canon Press Release Source: Canon Europe

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