30 January 2024

Canon Supporting Malaysia’s Next Generation of Visual Storytellers

Canon’s 2024 EOS Master: Supporting Malaysia’s Next Generation of Visual Storytellers

Canon proudly announces its 2024 lineup of EOS Masters that continue to champion the art of photography and videography in the local scene.

Canon Supporting Malaysia’s Next Generation of Visual Storytellers

KUALA LUMPUR, 30 January 2024 - Canon Marketing Malaysia (“Canon”) officially announced its 2024 lineup of EOS Masters at a signing ceremony today at Astana, Bamboo Hills, sustaining its tradition of collaboration and enlightenment in the digital imaging community. The EOS Master initiative, launched last year, is a continuous effort by the company to create a platform for interactive engagement between aspiring creative individuals, including beginners, students, and professionals, with seasoned experts in Malaysia.

This year's EOS Master lineup features 17 distinguished photographers and videographers with illustrious careers that have left a lasting impact on the creative industry. Chosen for their diverse experiences, influence in the local community and shared passion for creativity, these Masters’ expertise covers a wide spectrum of fields such as underwater, travel, landscape, photojournalism, sports, and nature photography. Serving as mentors to aspiring creative individuals and camera enthusiasts, these Masters will share insights into the art of storytelling, providing the necessary tools for budding content creators throughout Malaysia to bring their unique visions to life.

Under the EOS Master initiative, these 17 camera advocates will host a variety of activities, workshops, seminars, and exhibitions throughout the year. Through these events, they will share techniques, challenges, and personal anecdotes. These programmes offer an opportunity for individuals to upskill or reskill, ensuring participants emerge not only with refined skills but also with a renewed passion for their craft.

Beyond their role as heralds of creative vision, the EOS Masters will also serve as advocates of the Canon brand. They will showcase the transformative capabilities of EOS products that push boundaries and illustrate the possibilities at the intersection of art and technology. This initiative highlights the extensive range of EOS R System camera and lens products, showcasing Canon's diverse portfolio that meets the needs of EOS Masters across various sectors, and fosters a sense of community among camera advocates to drive innovation and growth in the Malaysian photography and videography landscape.

Commenting on the event, Masato Yoshiie, President & CEO of Canon Marketing Malaysia, said he is proud to have the EOS Masters representing Canon. “Their talent and passion for cinematography and image-making are aligned with our commitment to innovation. We are genuinely grateful to have these industry experts join our journey to elevate our brand and inspire a new wave of passion for photographers and videographers in Malaysia,” said Yoshiie.

“Canon’s initiatives are guided by the Kyosei philosophy, which conveys our dedication to seeing all people living and working together for the common good and the betterment of humanity. We are passionate about embarking on this shared mission with the EOS Masters to unlock the possibilities of creative expression and empower individuals nationwide to capture and share the moments that matter most,” Yoshiie added.

Edward Chang, Head of Image Communication Business Division at Canon Marketing Malaysia also expressed confidence that the EOS Masters will be instrumental in supporting Malaysia’s creative sector. “Our EOS Masters have a clear commitment to enriching and uplifting the country’s creative industry and also demonstrate a deep passion for contributing to their local communities. Canon is excited to have the Masters join us in making a lasting impact on Malaysia’s photography and videography landscape.”

Canon remains steadfast in its dedication to fostering the next generation of visual content and image creators in Malaysia. Through initiatives like these knowledge-sharing sessions with esteemed Masters, the company continues to provide invaluable opportunities for aspiring creatives to hone their craft and explore the limitless possibilities of digital imaging. This commitment underscores Canon's unwavering support for creative pursuits and its ongoing mission to empower individuals to bring their unique visions to life.

Visit Canon’s website for more details on the workshops, seminars, exhibitions and other activities involving the 2024 EOS Masters: my.canon/en/consumer/event

Canon Press Release Source: Canon Malaysia