21 August 2023

Canon India Unveils Campaign to Celebrate World Photography Day

Capturing Emotions Unfiltered: Canon India Unveils ‘The Gatecrashers' Campaign to Celebrate World Photography Day

Canon India Unveils ‘The Gatecrashers' Campaign to Celebrate World Photography Day

Recognizing the passion of photographers, the social media campaign is in collaboration with four leading influencers across portrait, street, fashion, and lifestyle genres.

Kick-starting photography week from 12th August, the brand also launched a series of educational workshops, photo walks, and contests across the country to fuel the culture of photography in the community.

India 19th August: Celebrating photographers and the art of photography, Canon India, a leading digital imaging company, launched a new creative social media campaign titled, ‘The Gatecrashers’ to mark World Photography Day. The campaign engages viewers by depicting the charm and authenticity of candid photography along with recognizing the hard work of the professionals who are behind the lens. Throwing light on the entire journey of photography from visualization to the final depiction, the campaign commends the significance of capturing unfiltered human emotions and enabling subjects to cherish natural moments for years to come. In collaboration with four prominent photography influencers, Frames by Ankit, Portraits by Sudha, Soumya Mense, and Aishwarya Nayak, the campaign video chronicles the art in the categories of Portrait, Street, Fashion, and Lifestyle.

The selected photographers have consensually captured spontaneous moments and highlighted thebeauty of raw human emotions, all of which have been weaved together in one video. The differentsituations depicted include a charming street-side couple on a walk, a trendy fashion boutique, aprofessional in an art studio and a group of friends enjoying dinner. Through this video, Canon India paysa tribute to photography and recognizes the effort that makes this art form so unique in elevating everymoment of life by ensuring that it’s frozen in time. Additionally, to fuel the culture of photographyfurther and encourage the community at large, the brand also launched an array of activations acrossthe country ranging from photo walks, contests and educational workshops.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Manabu Yamazaki, President and CEO, Canon India said, “Everyyear World Photography Day provides us with a special platform to honor the incredible artistry that acamera brings into our lives. Each photographer has a unique lens with which it views its subjects andnarrates stories through his/her own artistic vision. To celebrate this passion of photographers and putthe spotlight on the beauty of candid photography, we are delighted to launch ‘The Gatecrashers’campaign. The video is a simple yet poignant collation, acknowledging the dedication of photographerswhen it comes to capturing unguarded moments, that make for the best memories. Further, to nurture adeeper appreciation for the craft and inspire the community to embrace the world of photography, wewere happy to launch a series of activations across the country.”

Commenting on the new creative campaign, Mr. C Sukumaran, Senior Director for Product andCommunication, Canon India said, “In line with our vision of creative storytelling through the lens, it isour constant endeavor to fuel the passion for the art of photography with both the latest innovations aswell as captivating yet relatable campaigns. Our new campaign is aimed at taking users on a creativejourney to discover the art of candid photography and its unique moments while also demonstrating theprowess of our innovative new range of cameras, the EOS R100 and PowerShot V10. These new entrantsare poised to enable users to capture life as it unfolds without any hindrances. I am confident that thiscommitment of ours for transformation at all levels and the introduction of such authentic campaigns,will encourage more and more people to follow their own journey of capturing unfiltered emotionsaround them.”

As part of the campaign, Canon India is also celebrating Photography Week from August 12th to August26th. During this period, the brand is conducting various engaging activities for the community including workshops, photo walks, and contests across the country to encourage people to explore the beauty of candid photography.

East: A photo walk was conducted from the all-new Canon Live Office in Kolkata to Maidan crossing Victoria Memorial. The walk was attended by professional street photographers and was led by EOS Maestro, Soumya Sankar Ghoshal. The occasion also saw the inauguration of the Kolkata Police Photography Club at Canon's Live Office, accompanied by a special workshop. In Siliguri, a special session was held by EOS Maestro, Apratim Saha to discuss the technological nuances of photography powered by the Canon EOS R8. In Guwahati and Assam, the brand conducted fashion photography workshops in association with the All Assam Fashion Photographers Association.

West: Organized photography workshops in renowned educational institutions like IIMAhmedabad and Symbiosis School of Photography, Pune, to kindle the love for the art of photography. Photography workshops for users were also conducted in the state-of-the-art Canon Live office in Mumbai. Additionally, a photo walk was conducted at Ujjain and a photo contest was held in Indore.

North: Hosted an array of workshops in major cities including Fatehpur, Basti, Jodhpur, Moradabad, Bindki, Khalilabad, Jahanabad, Nagra, with “Wedding” as one of the main themes of discussion. Similar workshops are also slated to be hosted in Khatima, Champawat, Ghatampur, Pithoragarh, Akbarpur, and Jhansi.

South: Conducted a special workshop to the entire photography fraternity in Mysore and Arsikere, Karnataka in collaboration with Mysore and Arisikere Association. Focusing on creating impactful experiences, live demos were set up at the Canon India Store in Bengaluru along with photo walks. Lastly, a Bikers Rally was also set up in Bengaluru with over 400-500 riders, displaying the latest Canon PowerShot V10 camera and the EOS R system to the entire crowd to cultivate the knowledge of the art.

Canon India remains committed to fueling the growth of artistic expressions through the lens, empowering photographers and creators to capture and share their unique perspectives with the world.

Campaign Video: WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY DAY- YouTube

Canon Press Release Source: Canon India

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