12 June 2023

Canon Learning Series | Creative Editing | Beginner: Basic Skills

 Canon Learning Series | Creative Editing  | Beginner: Basic Skills - Official Canon Video

Canon Learning Series | Creative Editing | Beginner: Basic skills
Creative editing is a crucial part of photography and mastering the right skills can not only help you to create your signature style but can also give you a headstart when looking for jobs in the creative industry. To help us master the skills of creative editing, our host, Tomi Adebayo, who you might know as @GadgetsBoy asked Rosie Hardy to guide you on this journey. Rosie is a photographer, who specialises in creative editing, making surreal, complex portraits. Chapter 1: Introduction In the first episode, Rosie takes us on a snow-themed photoshoot, where she’ll teach you how to get a great shot and show you a couple of editing tips. Chapter 2: Shooting for the edit To get the right shot for the perfect edit, choosing the right kit and settings is important. Rosie used the EOS R7, an APS-C camera and shot her content in Raw, that gives her more freedom and control, when it comes to editing. Canon EOS R7: https://canon.sm/3KgqPMt Chapter 3: Editing in DPP Rosie imports her photos into Canon Digital Photo Professional – our free editing software – which is great for converting Raw files for quick selection and basic edits. Canon Digital Photo Professional: https://canon.sm/3GoWpqr  Chapter 4: Layering the image Chapter 5: Summary Let’s look at what we’ve learned! Subscribe to the channel and set up your notifications, so you don’t miss the intermediate episode, where we venture into the world fashion. Watch all the available episodes here:    • Canon Learning Series The products featured in this episode:
Canon EOS R7: https://canon.sm/3KgqPMt
Canon RF 50mm F1.8 STM: https://canon.sm/3nS1Vv9
Canon Digital Photo Professional: https://canon.sm/3GoWpqr This episode was shot on: Canon EOS C70: https://canon.sm/40MJxCl

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