01 January 2023

How to master Astrophotography with the Canon EOS Ra

 How to master Astrophotography with the Canon EOS Ra - Official Canon Video

Astrophotography with the Canon EOS Ra

We've been excited to share this one with you for a while! Join astrophotographer Fergus Kennedy in the high mountains of Almeria, Spain and the Calar Alto Observatory, as he shares how to use the new Canon EOS Ra to capture stunning images from the Milky Way and the tricks of the astrophotography trade. Far from light pollution, this is the largest astronomical complex in continental Europe – and the perfect viewpoint to capture the majesty of the night sky. A specialised version of the Canon EOS R, the Canon EOS Ra is a full-frame mirrorless camera for photographers eager to capture high-quality images of everything from distant galaxies to dazzling star trails. "I've done wide-angle astrophotography – landscape shots of the Milky Way – for a number of years," says Fergus. "Canon EOS Ra brings it to the next level."