01 April 2022


Photo Culling: Your Personalized Photo Assistant

Photo Culling can help you select your best photos, while helping save space on your device by suggesting what photos to delete

Save The Best, Delete The Rest
Have too many photos on your phone and want to find the best ones? Powered by PHIL, Canon U.S.A.'s AI Technology, users can quickly and easily find and organize only their best photos. The latest version of the Canon Photo Culling app was released in November 2021, with improvements to the browsing experience and providing free users with 5 culling sessions of up to 40 images every 30 days. Getting organized is as easy as downloading the Canon Photo Culling app and choosing a subscription plan that works for you and your photo library goals.

Easily Find Your Best Photos
With two culling options, Similar Culling and Whole Culling, you can find your best photo out of a group of photos or group similar photos.

AI Technology
PHIL is Canon U.S.A.'s unique computer vision AI engine. PHIL is used to detect the photo score using AI technology, to show how good or bad the quality of your photos are, grouping with similar photos, sharpness, noise, emotion and closed eyes.

Delete Duplicates & Unwanted Photos
Photo Culling thoroughly analyzes your library, finds similar or low-quality photos and suggests which photos to keep and which to delete; helping to save you time and space on your device.

Powered by Canon AI, the Photo Culling allows you to set your individual threshold level to ensure you're always keeping your favorites in the mix.

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