01 November 2021

Canon EOS R5 & EOS R6 : Official Canon Video

 Canon EOS R5 & EOS R6 with Jem Schofield : Official Canon Video

Join producer, director of photography and educator Jem Schofield in this eight-part series focusing on the Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 cameras. Jem will be going through everything you’ll need to know about setting up and using the features of these cameras to film your next project. He’ll cover topics such as a recording Matrix for each camera, Dual-pixel AF II options, high-speed recording, IBIS, special video options, external recording and postproduction workflows.

If you are a cinematographer, wedding videographer, hybrid photographer or anyone who is interested in creating video content, this series is for you! In this episode, Jem reviews topics for the EOS R5 such as recording quality, resolution, RAW vs, MP4, All-I vs IPB and so much more!

Learn more about the EOS R5: https://Canon.us/s3qns

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