01 March 2019

Canon Corporate Strategy Conference 2019 PDF Download


Canon Corporate Strategy Conference 2019 PDF Download

Canon Inc. Corporate Strategy Conference 2019

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  • Excellent Global Corporation Plan Phase V – Progress
  • Revitalization of Existing Businesses
  • Progress and Future Measures of New Businesses
  • Summary

Canon providing an update on the current EOS Business Strategy

Canon Corporate Strategy Conference 2019 PDF Download

"On the other hand, among existing businesses, for cameras, which are mainly a consumer-oriented product, the overall market continues to shrink due to improvement in smartphone camera features. Even against this backdrop, however, we continue to see positive growth in mirrorless cameras, known for their compact and light-weight designs, thanks to improvements in performance, which is now on par with DSLRs.
Although we have been taking a cautious approach to mirrorless cameras until recently, we have begun to successively launch strategic models, and will strive to further enhance our lineup going forward as well. The overall market will continue to shrink for some time, however, we will work to support our camera business by focusing management resources on the growing market segment of mirrorless cameras. "
Source: Page 8 / Slide 5 from the Canon Corporate Strategy Conference 2019 Documentation

Presentation Material Source: Global Canon

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