08 May 2018

500 days until Rugby World Cup™ 2019: Canon announces special promotions

The countdown begins - 500 days until Rugby World Cup™ 2019 Canon announces special promotional video and paper craft kits

As an official sponsor of Rugby World Cup 2019, held in Japan from September 20th to November 2nd, Canon Inc. has published special promotional content to its website to mark the 500-day countdown to the tournament. Under the theme, "Make the moment together," Canon Inc. aims to generate excitement for the big event through various promotional activities.

Canon YouTube Source: https://youtu.be/8cEm6B7JUIQ

Athletes preparing for a face-off that only comes once every four years. The coaches, families, tournament staff, photographers and spectators from around the world that support them and create a moment to remember. Canon supports everyone who makes it happen with our first rugby special video, "The Moment." See the passion of the players and the determination of photographers to capture the perfect shot come together in one epic moment, as well as thrilling footage from the previous tournament.

Rugby World Cup 2019™ Canon Web:

Canon News / Media Source: Canon Global

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