15 November 2017

Canon’s family photo & video platform Lifecake passes two million users

Canon’s family photo & video platform Lifecake passes two million users
Privacy milestone for families with kids: Canon’s family photo & video platform Lifecake passes two million users

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 15 November 2017– Lifecake, a social network for parents to share family photos privately and securely with other family members, has surpassed two million users and 120 million uploads, reflecting a rising concern for privacy on mainstream social media.

Two million Lifecake parents and family members reflect trend to keep family moments secure

  • Since being founded in 2012, Lifecake has gained two million users as parents reject public “sharenting” in favour of more controlled, safe family network.
  • Lifecake has also surpassed 120 million photo and video uploads, and one billion secure photo views
  • The average parent lacks privacy know-how and shares 1,500 images of their child on social media before their 5th birthday, according to a ParentZone study* commissioned by UK domain registrar Nominet. (https://www.nominet.uk/parents-oversharing-family-photos-online-lack-basic-privacy-know/)

A new child timeline is added to Lifecake every 30 seconds – Lifecake allows parents to share timelines with specific friends and family members, so they can stay up to date in a safe and private space. It’s an indication that parents are increasingly wary about posting their kids' photos and videos on the public Internet. Some cite privacy concerns, others simply want to keep family moments away from wider social media audiences.

According to a Nominet/ParentZone study* of 2,000 British parents, the average parent “lacks basic privacy know-how” and shares almost 1,500 images of their child on social media before their fifth birthday.

"Parents take tons of photos. The desire to document the joys of childhood is clearly there," said Lifecake cofounder Ed Botterill. "But there are increasing concerns about controlling who can see images posted on public social media accounts, and who owns the content once it’s uploaded. Lifecake provides a safe, private and future-proof way to do that. Just family and close friends, no one else."

Lifecake’s milestone illuminates parents’ evolving awareness of appropriate online behaviour. The platform now counts two million parents, grandparents and other family users. In another symbolic highlight, Lifecake recently passed a billion detailed views of 120 million uploads, demonstrating the popularity of the platform for keeping families and friends connected.

“If each view lasted about three seconds, a billion photo views adds up to a century of enjoying family moments,” said Botterill. “That's two million people pausing their lives to connect with the most important people in their lives, wherever they are in the world. Such emotional time travel helps parents relive their memories and reclaim moments that would otherwise be lost. With Lifecake, they can live the story of childhood safely and privately.”

* The “Share with Care” study was commissioned in summer 2016 by non-profit domain registry Nominet and conducted by Parent Zone, a social enterprise focused on educating families about children on the internet. https://www.nominet.uk/parents-oversharing-family-photos-online-lack-basic-privacy-know/

Canon Press Release Source: Canon UK

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