16 December 2017

Photography Book Recommendation: Canon Lenses

Photography Book Recommendation: Canon Lenses 'From Snapshots to Great Shots'
Book Cover: Canon Lenses
Canon Lenses: 'From Snapshots to Great Shots'
By Jerod Foster 2015 (Hard Copy)

For the new Canon EOS DSLR photographer the extensive range of compatible lenses, lens characteristics and various creative applications can be an absolute mind-bending experience.

Acquiring this book made me more aware of not just the broad selection of Canon EF / EF-S lenses, but assisted a great deal in understanding the specific characteristics and [genre] application for the different Canon consumer and professional DSLR lenses.

This book is highly recommended for any [new] Canon EOS APS-C (crop) and / or Full Frame photographer who needs the low-down on Canon's current consumer and professional lenses.

Canon Lenses: Informative Guidance
Canon EF / EF-S lenses are an integral part of the Canon EOS DSLR system and this 250+ page guide book should be of informative value to all current or prospective Canon EOS camera and lens owners (for increasing knowledge and skills of the interchangeable / scalable Canon DSLR photography system).

This well-illustrated book is a great deal more than just assisting the photographer with Canon lens classification and purchasing decisions, but is also a comprehensive guide for understanding Canon's consumer and professional lens range, photography genre application, characteristics, specifications and visual controls. A selection of lens accessories (teleconverters / extension tubes / filters) and best practice techniques are also comprehensively covered.

Canon Lenses: Chapter Contents
  • The Canon Lenses: Top seven considerations 
  • Depth Of Field And Perspective: Using the visual controls of the lens 
  • Ultra-Wides And Wides: Expansive opportunities 
  • Standard Zooms / Prime Lenses: Image-making with the most popular lenses 
  • Telephoto Lenses: The big glass 
  • Specialty Lenses: Macros and tilt-shifts 
  • Accessorizing: Lens add-ons that work 
  • Best Practices: Lens care and tips for making pictures

From the Back Cover
'Beautifully illustrated with large, compelling photos, this book for beginning-to-intermediate digital photographers will help you get the image you want every time you pick up your camera. And once you have that shot, show it off and join the book's flickr group'

Canon Lens Categories (Canon USA)

  • EF-M (for EOS M) 
  • Macro 
  • Standard Zoom 
  • Standard / Medium Telephoto 
  • Super Telephoto 
  • Telephoto Zoom 
  • Tilt-Shift 
  • Ultra-Wide Zoom 
  • Wide-Angle

Photography Book Recommendation: Canon Lenses 'From Snapshots to Great Shots'
Back Cover : Canon Lenses
Canon Lenses Cover Images: From Vernon Chalmers Personal Copy

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