17 June 2017

Canon EF Lenses: Introduction - Lens Tutorial 1/5

Canon EF Lenses: Introduction - Lens Tutorial 1/5
An introduction to Canon EF lenses - this Masterclass explains the basics of lens choice including the impact of sensor sizes on focal lengths, apertures, depth-of-field, and angles of view. It examines the impact of focal lengths on condensing perspectives and isolating subjects and looks at focal lengths from 14mm up to long telephoto lenses, like 400mm lenses.Canon Source Canon YouTube Channel>>

All 5 Canon EF Lens Video Tutorials
Tutorial 1: Canon EF Lenses http://goo.gl/ilZLf4
Tutorial 2: Canon EF Macro Lenses http://goo.gl/rQBPiz
Tutorial 3: Canon EF Sports / Wildlife Lenses http://goo.gl/fHgBwB
Tutorial 4: Canon EF Landscape Lenses http://goo.gl/gFWrZe
Tutorial 5: Canon EF Portrait Lenses http://goo.gl/O898fz

Canon EF Lenses: Macro Lenses - Lens Tutorial 2/5

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