18 July 2016

Camera eBook Recommendation: Canon EOS T5i / 700D SLR Camera

Canon EOS Rebel T5i / 700D: 'From Snapshots to Great Shots' By Jeff Revell
Book Cover: Canon EOS Rebel T5i / 700D 
Canon EOS Rebel T5i / 700D: 'From Snapshots to Great Shots'
By Jeff Revell 2014 (PDF eBook)

Shortly after receiving my Canon EOS 700D SLR camera in 2013 I purchased this ebook as additional companion to the detailed, but at times technical Canon EOS 700D owner's manual. 

This book is highly recommended to all current or prospective Canon EOS T5i / 700D owners. It explains the Canon EOS T5I  / 700D's features with detailed photographic instruction and EXIF data - Aperture / ISO / Shutter Speed information from in-camera together with lens focal length.

Note: the Canon EOS 700D is branded EOS Rebel T5i in the USA.

Basic to Advanced Canon EOS Photography Tutorials
Very easy to read with detailed explanations on the various basic to advanced shooting modes. In this book you will most definitively learn how to increase your photographic skills from the basic Automatic Mode to the more advanced Creative Zone (P / Av / Tv / M modes).

The 300+ pages are packed with the author's expert knowledge, skills and many practical camera / photography demonstrations. Each chapter is a combination of camera settings / features (with images) and detailed explanations and demonstration on how to achieve similar shots.

Chapter Contents
  • Shooting Tips (right out of the box)
  • Getting to know the Canon EOS Rebel T5i / 700D
  • Automatic modes
  • Creative modes (Program / Aperture Priority / Shutter Priority / Manual)
  • Sports photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Low light photography
  • Compositional elements
  • Advanced techniques
  • Canon EOS T5i accessories
  • T5i Video: Beyond the basics
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For more information / user reviews or to purchase the hard copy 
Canon EOS Rebel T5i / 700D: 'From Snapshots to Great Shotsplease visit my Amazon aStore.


Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera – Key Specifications:
  • 20.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5+
  • 19 point cross-type AF System and 7 fps shooting
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • Instant sharing and remote control with Wi-Fi
  • ISO 12800 (H:25600)
  • Vari-angle 7.7cm ClearView II LCD touch screen
  • Intelligent viewfinder
  • Full-HD movies

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