11 February 2014

Magazine Recommendation: PIX 'Photography and Imaging Magazine'

Magazine Recommendation: PIX Photography and Imaging Magazine
Magazine Cover: PIX
PIX: 'Africa's Leading Photographic and Imaging Magazine' 

This is great magazine for compact and DSLR camera enthusiasts wanting to learn more about different photography genres, the latest camera equipment and expert advice / techniques.

In the latest issue there are a variety of up-to-date topics:
  • African wildlife photography
  • Astrophotography
  • Camera / lens reviews
  • Photo showcase
  • Photography techniques
After purchasing my third copy of PIX magazine in 2013 I took out a 12-month subscription (6 copies) - and am really looking forward to the next issue.

At the current R54-00 cover price this is less than a small price to pay should you want to know more about:
  • African and global photo shoots
  • Expert photographer advice / opinions
  • Creative photography
  • Camera / lens accessories
  • Latest camera / lens models / accessories
  • Latest local / global photography news
  • Photography techniques
  • Travel photography
  • Wildlife photography
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