01 July 2024

Filming the first Wingsuit flight through Tower Bridge

How we filmed the first ever wingsuit flight through Tower Bridge, London - Canon Official Video

London's defining landmark, Tower Bridge, has witnessed over a hundred years of history from its place on the River Thames. In fact, you could say it had seen it all. Until the dawn of 12 May 2024, when Marco Fürst and Marco Waltenspiel completed a challenge never-before faced in history, jumping from a helicopter at 3,000ft, diving down to 35m above the river, soaring through Tower Bridge and completing a complex manoeuvre, known as a 'flare', to rise up again to 80m, the height required to open up their parachutes, before landing safely. 

Red Bull partnered with Canon as the Official Technology Partner to bring the project to life, utilising a broad range of cutting-edge imaging technology to capture the flight. Watch the video to find out which cameras were used to capture this amazing project. 

Read more here: https://canon.sm/4b7C1q4