13 August 2019

New Canon PIXMA Printers

 New Canon PIXMA Printers
Keep Calm This Back To School Season And Put New Canon PIXMA Printers On Your School Supply List

MELVILLE, NY, August 13, 2019 – Along with new pencils and new books, the busy back to school season brings a host of shiny new school supplies to help make the school year a success. Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced a new fleet of printers: the PIXMA TS8320, PIXMA TS6320, PIXMA TS5320 and PIXMA TS3320 printers.

Designed with families and Generations Y and Z in mind to help them tackle homework, term papers and projects, this latest printer lineup offers a variety of new and improved features that easily address consumers’ printing needs such as an updated user interface (PIXMA TS6320 and PIXMA TS5320 only), built-in support via QR codes1 (PIXMA TS8320, PIXMA TS6320 and PIXMA TS5320 only), auto paper width detection (PIXMA TS8320, PIXMA TS6320, and PIXMA TS5320 only) and an easier set-up process as compared to the prior generation of these PIXMA printer models.

“Canon remains steadfastly committed to listening to its customers’ needs as it produces new product offerings designed to integrate seamlessly into their lives,” said Kazuto Ogawa, president and chief operating officer, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “The launch of the newest PIXMA printer series emphasizes our continued commitment to delivering simplified solutions for a wide array of users.”

 New Canon PIXMA Printers Home / Small Business
The new PIXMA printers include an assortment of new core features designed to help put at ease the minds of parents everywhere who are gearing up for the upcoming school year. These features include:
  • Simple 2-step wireless2 setup process to get you printing from your compatible smartphone3
  • Streamlined setup process designed to reduce total installation time by approximately 13 minutes (as compared to the prior generation of these PIXMA printer models) leaving time for important college things, like checking out that new meal plan
  • Improved (as compared to the PIXMA TS8220, TS6220 and TS5120 printers) built-in support via QR codes (PIXMA TS8320, PIXMA TS6320 and PIXMA TS5320 printers only) to quickly and easily help users of compatible iOS and Android-based smartphones troubleshoot1, reducing, if not eliminating, the need to call tech support
  • Auto paper width detection (PIXMA TS8320, PIXMA TS6320, and PIXMA TS5320 printers only) making the printing process simpler and removing a step in the set-up process, as compared to the PIXMA TS8220, TS6220 and TS5120 printers
  • A status bar (PIXMA TS6320 and PIXMA TS5320 printers only) designed so that the printer status can be viewed at a glance from across the room, allowing consumers to quickly notice if there is a printing hiccup
  • Compatibility with the Card Isle® Print-at-Home Platform4, which allows users to design, purchase, and print full-sized 5 inch x 7 inch greeting cards in the comfort of their own homes

  • Designed to provide seamless integration with compatible smartphones3 through improved 5GHz Wi-Fi® capability2 (as compared to the PIXMA TS8220 printer) providing easy, convenient and fast mobile printing options
  • Features a large 4.3 inch touch LCD screen, allowing users to easily view the printer status, configure settings and navigate menu options

Canon PIXMA TS6320 Printer
  • Available in a selection of bright, modern colors such as Pink, Green, and Navy to organically integrate into any home décor or stand-out as a fun accessory
  • New, high-contrast OLED screen to clearly see copy and print settings, as well as a new Status Bar for a smart and sleek way to view the printer status from almost anywhere in the room
  • Improved FINE cartridge system with new Dye Color for better photo printing on Photo Paper Plus Glossy II paper (as compared to the PIXMA TS6220 and TS5120 printers)
  • Compatible with the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY (CPIS) app3 and Easy-PhotoPrint editor (EPP)5 app, allowing consumers to easily tackle projects for home or school that are big or small

  • Features a wireless connect button, which simplifies the set-up process and allows printing projects for home, work or school, quickly and easily (as compared to the PIXMA TS3120 printer)

The PIXMA TS8320 printer has an estimated retail price of $199.996. The PIXMA TS5320 and PIXMA TS6320 printers have estimated retail prices of $99.996 and $149.996, respectively, while the PIXMA TS3320 has an estimated retail price of $79.996.

For more information, and the full listing of product specifications, please visit www.shop.usa.canon.com.

Canon News Release: Canon USA

 New Canon PIXMA Printers

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