20 September 2016

Canon brings Reuters photojournalism to the streets of Europe through urban art

Canon brings Reuters photojournalism to the streets of Europe through urban art
The first exhibition takes place in Cologne’s Belgian Quarter from 19th – 23rd September

London, UK, 20th September – Canon Europe today unveils the first in a series of urban art exhibitions across Europe to shine a light on the amazing stories that can be told through photojournalism.

The first exhibition takes place in Cologne’s Belgian Quarter from 19th – 23rd September

In partnership with The Wider Image which presents in-depth visual reports from across the world by Reuters, the world’s largest news agency, world-renowned photojournalists have independently identified and captured seven incredible stories. Equipped with Canon’s new professional DSLR camera, the EOS 5D Mark IV, each photojournalist pursued the perfect shot – an image that triggers debate, questions and changes people’s perspectives.

Throughout September and October, the photography will come to life in various forms of urban art in seven cities across Europe: Cologne, London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Amsterdam, and Stockholm. People will have the chance to discover stories from the increasing threats to Berlin’s renowned nightlife, to the 6,000 Italian villages abandoned by emigration, highlighting important societal issues and themes in today’s world.

“Both Reuters’ photographers and the Canon EOS 5D series have captured some of the most iconic images of our time”, said Kieran Magee, Director Professional Imaging, Canon Europe. “We’re proud to be able to highlight some of the amazing photojournalists that tell the stories that need to be told, and share these through interesting street art exhibitions across Europe.”

A synopsis of each Wider Image story is as follows.

In Berlin, the party goes on despite threat of club closures
Michael (Hannibal) Hanschke

Berlin is globally renowned for its nightlife, from the legendary Berghain to impromptu parties. But the city’s lively nights are under threat as pressure on space increases along with rents. Several clubs have shut down in recent months and many more are expected to follow. This story will look at a small slice of Berlin's nightlife, focusing on the people who make it so vibrant, from the people out partying to those that work in the night-time economy.

The real banlieues
Joe Penney

Circling Paris, the banlieues are home to a largely working class and migrant population and are often portrayed as a hotbed of crime and radicalism. However, this image doesn't tell the whole story, the suburbs are also home to a vibrant music and arts scenes. As people from outside the suburbs are attracted to the gritty urban landscape and lively youth scene the areas are slowly changing. This story will focus on the musicians and artists who live and work in the banlieues.

The power of community
Marcelo de Pozo

Dazzling white and nestled in the brooding mountains of the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park the Pueblos Blancos of Andalusia are named for the white lime wash that the buildings are painted with. But while this region is stunningly beautiful it is also one of the poorest areas in Spain with one of the highest unemployment rates in the E.U. This story will document the rich tapestry of life in these villages where while the times are tough and have been for generations, strong communities pull together and depend on each other.

How the effort and vision of one man brought a village back to life
Siegfried Modola

Emigration in Italy has left 6,000 villages abandoned, with another 15,000 on the brink. Every year, more young people leave rural towns and villages and move to cities in search for work. Isolated towns and villages are emptying out and left to decay. Swedish millionaire Daniel Kihlgren purchased a large part of Santo Stefano di Sessanio in Abruzzo and opened the houses of the village once abandoned to paying guests. The village has now about 117 inhabitants. This story will look at the extremely picturesque village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, its few inhabitants and the effort to revitalise it.

The rise of ‘Urban Agriculture’ in Sweden
Maxim Shemetov

In Europe more and more people are striving to eat natural, organic food grown by local farmers and small households. One of the sides of this trend is that urban residents are trying to get closer to nature - or at least as close as they can, given the rhythm of life in a big city. This has led to the phenomenon of the city farm - tiny crops of plants grown in parks or even in pots set up on rooftops, where people plant fruit and vegetables using green technologies and natural fertilizers. Stockholm and Malmoe have become the centres of urban agriculture in Sweden, where people are tuned into healthy lifestyle and "wellness" trends.

Growing up in London, a city where immense wealth rubs shoulders with poverty
Paul Hackett

Grime emerged from the council estates of east London and has been important part of the musical landscape for the last decade. Recently the genre has crossed over into the mainstream, and is being recognized outside the UK. This story will look at a group of young artists hoping to succeed in the music industry as they negotiate the challenges of making it in a city where immense wealth exists alongside poverty.

The legacy of the Dutch language and its place in the future of the Rainbow Nation
Joe Penney

The story will look at rising cultural icons from the Afrikaans-speaking community in Cape Town, focusing on a group of creatives who are using Afrikaans to shape popular culture in the dynamic city.

Canon Media / Press Release: Canon Europe

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