01 May 2017

Book Recommendation: Speedliter's Handbook (2nd Edition) by Syl Arena

Book Recommendation: Speedliter's Handbook (2nd Edition) by Syl Arena
Speedliter's Handbook: Learning to Craft Light With Canon Speedlites (2nd Edition). By Syl Arena 2016 (Hard copy) Peachpit Press

The first edition of the Speedliter's handbook is still one of the most comprehensive guides for understanding light, getting to know the Canon Speedlites and the application(s) of Speedlite flash in various lighting environments.

The second edition of the Speedliter's Handbook is refreshed to not only include the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT, but the various updates and improvements will assist the developing photographer even more in understanding and mastering Speedlite flash. Syl Arena also shares his own personal growth and learning on how he's applying flash and lighting to his own photography.

This book is one of those 'must have's' if you're serious about taking your flash photography to the next level - or just want to get 'up to speed' with Canon's Speedlites, its various applications and benefits over the built-in pop-up flash.

As with the first edition I highly recommend the Speedliter's Handbook second edition for anybody who wants to get more involved with Speedlite flash photography on / or off their Canon EOS and / or compatible Canon PowerShot (G and various SX models) camera.

The Speedliter's Handbook should be an essential resource guide for assisting both the amateur and professional Canon EOS DSLR photographer with extracting maximum value from using basic Speedlite flash applications to managing multiple Speedlites in a variety of challenging lighting environments.

In this book you will find 400+ pages packed with everything that is required to learn and understand the current range of Canon Speedlites and how to use them.

New in the Second Addition (from the book):

  • Buttons-and-dials coverage of every current Canon Speedlite from the 600EX-RT down to the 90EX along with the tips on using older Canon Speedlites and models from other manufacturers 
  • A new chapter on maximizing the benefits of on-camera flash 
  • Expanded portfolios of portfolios made with a single Speedlite and multiple Speedlites 
  • Complete updates to the chapters on light modifiers and gels 
  • Greater emphasis on step-by-step workflows 
  • Expanded discussions of how to use Canon's camera based LCD menu system for Speedlite control 
  • Coverage of how to use the radio-enabled 600EX-RT system by itself and with earlier generations of Canon Speedlites. 

Book Chapters: Speedliters Handbook (2nd Edition)

  • Quick guide to Speedliting 
  • Learn to see light 
  • Exposure exposed 
  • Mechanics of light 
  • Manage the ambient light 
  • Position is relative 
  • Meet the Speedlites 
  • Control your Speedlite 
  • Flashing manually 
  • E-TTL flash mode 
  • Specialty flash modes 
  • Triggers for off-camera flash 
  • Optical wireless, the Canon way 
  • Radio Speedliting: Canon's new frontier 
  • Speedlite modification 
  • Using various modifiers 
  • Speedlite stands and mounts 
  • Emery and battery management 
  • Getting the most from on-camera flash 
  • Portraits with one Speedlite 
  • Portraits with multiple Speedlites 
  • Gelling for effect 
  • Slicing time with High-Speed Sync 
  • Gang lighting (using multiple Speedlites) 

Canon Speedlites covered in the Speedliter's Handbook:

  • Speedlite 90EX 
  • Speedlite 270EX II 
  • Speedlite 320EX 
  • Speedlite 430EX II 
  • Speedlite 580EX II 
  • Speedlite 600EX-RT 
  • Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX II 
  • Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX 
  • Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2 
  • Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT

Book Recommendation: Speedliter's Handbook (2nd Edition) by Syl Arena

Speedliter's Handbook (2nd Edition) Cover Images: From Vernon Chalmers Personal Copy

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