04 June 2015

Submitting Photos into Google Earth / Maps via Panoramio

Submitting your photos into Google Earth / Google Maps via Panoramio
Many of you may be doing this already, but herewith just a quick refresh that anybody can submit their landscape / nature photos via Google's Panoramio to be placed on Google Earth / Maps (and be exported to Google+ if requested).
Register at www.panoramio.com from your Google account and submit. Some detail required ie. description / tags and the geo-mapping of location.
Exif data / copyright is automatically added to all uploaded images.
All images are reviewed and you will soon see if your images are selected for Google Earth / Maps placement.

Below is an example of how an image is displayed in Panoramio. On the right will be the Google Map geolocation and towards the bottom will be the Exif / copyright information.

Other Vernon Chalmers Canon Camera Photos on Panoramio

Submitting your photos to Google Earth / Maps via Panoramio
Vernon Chalmers Photo on Panoramio : Google Earth / Maps - With Canon 700D & EF-S 18-135mm IS STM lens 

Submitting Photos to Google Earth / Maps via Panoramio

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